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New journey on a captivating journey through the historical heart of Kolkata with Ryask Tourism, renowned as the premier walking tour company in Kolkata, India. Discover the foundational elements of the British Empire during a leisurely 3-hour stroll along Dalhousie Square and Calcutta, immersing yourself in the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of the city. Our expert tourist guides will lead you through the old town, providing a two-hour guided walking tour that offers an authentic and unforgettable experience of Kolkata’s fascinating history and culture.

The Murder and Mayhem Walk · Calcutta In WWII Walk · The Culture Kaleidoscope Tour · The Ghats Walk · The Magic Hour Tour · The Melting Pot Walk.

The Colonial Heritage Stroll

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Calcutta, delving into the city’s origins and the evolution that shaped its identity as the “Second city of the Empire.” Proud, elegant, and distinctly British, Calcutta boasts grand edifices that stand as enduring symbols of its colonial legacy. As we trace the footsteps that laid the foundation of this city, you’ll encounter stately buildings that have weathered the passage of time, some resilient in their majesty, and others gracefully embracing the allure of glorious ruins. The tour, commencing from The Lalit Great Eastern, unveils the finest examples of colonial architecture, serving as a poignant reminder that Calcutta was crafted in the image of London.

The Royal Palace Sojourn

Step back in time to explore the opulent era of the “Babu” culture with our Royal Palace Walk. Unravel the histories of germination, growth, and decadence as we navigate through the city’s illustrious past. Beginning at the Marble Palace, our journey winds through narrow lanes, revealing various castles and mansions, including the renowned Jorasanko Thakur Bari. This storytelling tour, adorned with anecdotes and historical insights, offers a glimpse into the zenith of ostentatiousness, making it a must-do experience for those seeking to immerse themselves in Calcutta’s rich heritage.

The Faith Expedition

Embark on a captivating Faith Walk, an enigmatic exploration of Calcutta’s “Grey Town” — a microcosm of diverse cultures. Commencing from the Anglo-Indian quarters in Bow Barracks, our journey unfolds as we traverse neighborhoods, immersing ourselves in the Parsi fire temples, Chinese temples, Jewish synagogues, Portuguese Cathedral, and Armenian Church — all within a compact vicinity. This cultural mosaic is complemented by tastings of local cuisine, allowing you to absorb the daily rhythm of bustling markets and witness the vibrant tapestry of life in these unique neighborhoods.

Kumartuli Odyssey

Experience the artistic marvels of Kumartuli, the traditional potter’s quarters in the northern reaches of the city. Witness the deft craftsmanship involved in creating idols that not only grace the city but also find homes around the world. This immersive tour takes you to a traditional Thakur Bari, 250-year-old Shiva temples, and culminates with a visit to a ghat where idol-making begins with the sacred Ganga maati and concludes with the ceremonial immersion of the idols after festivities.

Cemetery Ramble

Embark on a solemn yet intriguing journey through the old cemeteries of Kolkata. Visit the South Park Street Cemetery, a testament to the city’s colonial past and the largest non-Church cemetery outside the Anglo-American world in the 19th century. Explore various grave architectures, unravel the stories of pioneering personalities, and discover intriguing tales such as the identity of the ‘most beautiful girl in Calcutta’ from the late 18th century, and a hair-raising mission of a British envoy to Tibet.

Ryask Tourism | Kolkata's Top Historical Walking Tours Company

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The Heritage Walk in Calcutta offers two distinct tours: the first explores Dalhousie Square, covering a two-kilometer route with highlights like Writers Building, Town Hall, St John’s Churchyard, and Metcalfe Hall. The second tour navigates the winding lanes of North Calcutta, showcasing historic merchant houses, noble residences, and landmarks such as the House of Rabindranath Tagore and the Marble Palace. Both walks provide insights into the architectural evolution of the city over its 300-year history, concluding with a coffee break at the iconic Coffee House.


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