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Our team, known as Ryask Tourism Fixer Support – Fixer in India, has been extensively involved in facilitating the production of factual documentaries for esteemed broadcasters such as BBC, National Geographic, as well as various production companies hailing from the UK, France, the Netherlands, and the USA. Our collective experience spans over a decade, during which we have successfully managed the intricate process of filming documentaries and feature films. We have also collaborated with numerous national and international institutions as a India local fixer.

Our reputation precedes us, as we have consistently been chosen by renowned organizations like the BBC for our comprehensive research, innovative storytelling approach, and our adeptness with the latest filmmaking technology. Our team is small yet versatile, capable of performing exceptionally in challenging conditions, regardless of the location and climate. What sets us apart is our ability to work efficiently even in the absence of basic infrastructure, particularly in the most remote and demanding locations.Film fixer in India

Film Support In India

International Fixers / Production Fixers / Fixer Services in India

Production Support –

Ryask Tourism Fixer Team boasts a dedicated team of seasoned professionals well-versed in both the intricacies of production procedures and the nuances of local dialects. Effective communication with local authorities and community members is of paramount importance to ensure seamless filming, obtain necessary permissions, and avert potential disruptions.Location services India

Our team is characterized by their unwavering passion and meticulous diligence, committed to offering tailored, innovative solutions to cater to your project’s unique requirements. To provide you with top-notch service, we undertake exhaustive research to identify suitable locations with compelling narratives and well-suited characters that align with your project’s synopsis.

No project is too grand or too modest; we can adapt and customize every aspect to align with your budgetary constraints, all in pursuit of achieving the finest possible filming outcomes.

Permits –

Through our robust and dependable partnerships with government agencies in every nation where we conduct business, we possess the capability to facilitate the acquisition of film and location permits. Our services encompass Film Production liaison, transportation, film permits, local assistants, and Government Guides, catering to your needs across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.Filming permits India

The timeframe for processing permits varies by country, underscoring the necessity of initiating permit applications at the earliest opportunity.

Our Permission Requirements are as follows –

  • Filming schedule with date and time.
  • Production Synopsis.
  • Permission from Embassy or Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Authorization letter from your Production.
  • Crewmember List with position, passport detail and contact.
  • Crewmembers’ short biography (if any).
  • Equipment List with detailed specification.
  • Passport & Visa Copies.

We operate in any location on and off the map India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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Crew & Equipments –

If your budget constraints prevent you from including your preferred crew member or equipment in your shoot, allow us to assist you in assembling a well-rounded team. We have the capability to locate seasoned and skilled professionals for your crew and secure top-tier equipment to meet your needs. Additionally, should you require them, we can provide access to comprehensive production and post-production facilities.

Production Crew –
  • Cameraman
  • Soundman
  • Still Photographer
  • Production Controller
  • Director
  • Art Director
  • Research Support Team
  • Local guide India production
  • Shooting locations India
Production Equipments –
  • Camera with lenses
  • Drone
  • Go Pro
  • Jimmy Zib
  • ABC Crane
  • Panther Dolly
  • Light Equipments
  • Sound Equipments
  • Helicopter with Rigging option
  • Small Aircraft
  • Outdoor Broadcasting Van
  • Vanity Vans
  • Soundproof Generator Van

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