Pingla Patachitra – Village Of The Scroll Painters

Patachitra, a traditional folk art originating from Bengal and sustained over centuries, is gaining global recognition and appreciation. Visitors from around the world now come to witness these paintings firsthand. The artists, known as Patuas, use natural colors derived from trees, leaves, flowers, and clays for their creations. However, due to the rising costs of natural colors and the use of alternative surfaces, some artists have turned to chemical colors. A tour to Pingla can be most fruitful during “Pot Maya” festival, when majority of house have the walls of their houses painted.

Patachitra, an art form originating from Bengal, serves as a window into the authentic spirit of India. The focal point of Patachitra is the Naya Village located in Pingla, West Midnapur district of West Bengal, where 80 families have been dedicatedly practicing this traditional art for generations. Patachitra involves the use of natural colors to create paintings that intricately capture both folk tales and contemporary events concurrently.

A distinctive aspect of Patuas is their practice of singing songs, known as ‘Pater Gaan,’ while presenting scroll paintings (patas) to guests. These songs narrate the stories depicted in the paintings, drawing inspiration from mythology, tribal rituals, and contemporary issues. This unique combination of visual and auditory elements adds depth to the Patachitra experience, making it a rich and multifaceted art form.

POT Maya at Pingla, Paschim Medinipur

Pingla Tour Itinerary –

This is a day tour where you will be at the village to roam around the settlements of the Patuas. Check out their arts, their ways and means. You might be welcomed into a house where they will sing a song for you. You might experience some live paintings. The making of colours and the local brushes from the hair of goats (subject to the workshop being organised), listening to the songs of Patuas or the bauls and experiencing the village culture are all in the day’s activity. The place is also excellent for photographers to shoot on various subjects.

1. AC Car for transfers from Kolkata and back
2. Walk around the village.
3. Vehicle route are drom central point. Please do not request for deviations when returning as any deviations will cost us additional charges.

1. Breakfast and Tea will be provided while driving down from Kolkata
2. Non veg (or Veg) Lunch. (Own Choice) Not Include
3. Packaged drinking water – 1 litre

    1. Any usage of any other mode of transport other than what is provided
    2. Any additional usage of mineral water or beverages or cold drinks
    3. Any tips to anybody
    4. Any other charges outside the package.
  • 5. Lunch

Patachitra Village – A day out at Pingla

Pingla Patachitra - Village Of The Scroll Painters

Pingla Homestay at Nayapota – Patachitra Gram

Pingla Homestay at Nayapota - Patachitra Gram
Pingla Homestay at Nayapota - Patachitra Gram


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