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Gujarat Tour Itinerary –

Day 1 – Arrival at Ahmedabad & Then Sightseeing Tour of Ahmedabad

Upon your arrival in Ahmedabad, you will be greeted by our representative. They will assist you in transferring to your pre-booked hotel and guide you through the check-in process. Once you’re settled in, take some time to freshen up before embarking on a captivating sightseeing tour of Ahmedabad.

Our first stop will be the Gandhi Ashram, situated alongside the tranquil banks of the River Sabarmati. This historic site holds great significance as it was from here that Mahatma Gandhi initiated his transformative Dandi March. Today, the ashram has been transformed into a museum that preserves the memory of this eventful period. Delve into the exquisite artistry showcased at the Hate Singh Jain Temple, where intricate carvings adorn the surroundings. Prepare to be awestruck by the magnificent architecture of the Akshardham Temple, a true marvel to behold. As the day winds down, we will return to the hotel where you can enjoy a comfortable overnight stay.

Day 2 – Ahmedabad – Jamnagar ( Approx 6 hours Drive)

After having breakfast this morning, we will complete the hotel checkout procedures and begin our journey towards Jamnagar via road. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to explore an ancient and intricately carved stepwell, adding a touch of history to our travels. Upon reaching Jamnagar, we will smoothly settle into our chosen hotel for the stay. As the evening sets in, you’ll have the option to visit the renowned Bala Hanuman Temple. This temple holds a distinguished place in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its remarkable tradition of uninterrupted chanting. Since 1964, devoted followers have continuously chanted ‘Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram’ within its sacred walls. This unique and spiritually enriching experience offers insight into the temple’s cultural significance. The day’s adventures will conclude with a comfortable overnight stay at our designated hotel in Jamnagar.

vibrant city of Dwarka Sightseing

Day 3 – Jamnagar to Dwarka (Approx 3 hours Drive)

After enjoying breakfast in the morning, you will proceed to check out from your current hotel. Your journey will continue by road, taking you to the vibrant city of Dwarka. Upon arrival in Dwarka, you will complete the check-in process at your new accommodation. Following a satisfying lunch, an exciting itinerary awaits. Your first stop will be the renowned Beyt Dwarka, a location believed to be the original dwelling place of Lord Krishna. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the revered ‘Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple’, distinguished as one of the 12 self-manifested Jyotirlingas globally.

As the day progresses, a visit to the tranquil Gopi Talav is on the agenda. This serene lake is steeped in mythology, said to be the site where the Gopis, the female devotees of Lord Krishna, were joyfully reunited with him. Continuing your spiritual journey, you will then proceed to the Rukmini Devi Temple. This temple stands as a tribute to Rukmini, the consort of Lord Krishna. Its intricate architecture and spiritual significance make it a captivating destination. Concluding the day’s explorations, you will return to your hotel in Dwarka. Here, you can relax and relish the comforts of your accommodation, reflecting on the enriching experiences of the day.

 Somnath mandir

Day 4 – Dwarka to Somnath ( Approx 5 hours Drive)

Following our morning meal, we will embark on a journey to explore Somnath. On our way, a significant halt is planned at the renowned Kirti Mandir located in Porbandar – the very haveli in which Mahatma Gandhi first saw the light of day. Transformed into a museum at present, this historic site provides valuable insights into Gandhi’s life. Our itinerary also includes a visit to the Sudama Temple, a structure erected to commemorate the deep bond shared between Krishna and Sudama. Upon reaching Somnath, we will make our way to the distinguished Somnath Temple and the Bhalka Tirth Temple. The latter is recognized as the place where an anecdote recounts Lord Krishna being inadvertently struck on the foot. Subsequently, a tranquil and restful overnight stay awaits us in the serene environs of Somnath.

Gir National Park Enjoy Jungle safari in Gir Forest

Day 5 – Somnath to Gir National Park ( Approx 1.5 hours Drive) and Enjoy Jungle safari in Gir Forest

After a satisfying breakfast in the morning, we will complete the hotel checkout procedure and commence our journey towards Gir. Sasan Gir stands as a renowned destination for observing majestic lions in their natural habitat, and it holds the distinction of being the sole forest reserve in Asia that provides a haven for wild lions. The sanctuary is also home to a diverse array of other fascinating animal species. Among them, the Sambhar, Spotted Deer, Nilgai, and the Chausingha, a unique four-horned antelope found nowhere else in the world, gracefully inhabit the forest. The water bodies within the sanctuary host crocodiles, which can be observed in both the reservoir and the meandering rivers. As the day progresses, we will embark on an exciting jungle safari within the National Park, immersing ourselves in the natural wonders it holds. Our overnight stay will be in the heart of Gir, allowing us to fully appreciate the essence of this incredible place.

road journey to Daman & Diu

Day 6 – Gir to Diu (Approx 2 hours Drive)

After having breakfast in the morning, we’ll embark on a road journey to Daman & Diu. Upon arrival at our destination, we’ll proceed to check in at the hotel. The remainder of the day can be enjoyed at your leisure, either by relaxing or by exploring the scenic beaches of Daman & Diu. You’ll be accommodated in the hotel for the night.

Day 7 – Diu to Ahmedabad (Approx 8 hours Drive) & Departure for Onward Journery

Today, we will leave for Ahmedabad by road post breakfast. Later, we will continue the journey towards the airport to catch the flight for onward destination.

Tour & services Ends.

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Statue Of Unity Tour from Kolkata | Narmada tent city