Gangasagar Tour Package From Kolkata

A day trip to Gangasagar from Kolkata is a popular option for those looking to explore this religious and cultural destination. Gangasagar, also known as Sagar Island, is located at the confluence of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal and is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. The Gangasagar Mela, a large annual fair that takes place here, attracts thousands of devotees.

Gangasagar Mela 2024 Yatra by Private Car from Kolkata

Gangasagar  Day Trip From Kolkata

Kolkata to Gangasagar One Day Tour Package

Gangasagar Tour Package :

Discover Gangasagar, conveniently located around 150 kilometers from Kolkata, with the primary mode of access involving a combination of road and ferry travel. Your journey begins with either a train ride or a drive from Kolkata to Kakdwip, the nearest mainland town to Gangasagar. Once you arrive in Kakdwip, a ferry ride awaits, taking you across the Muriganga River to reach the picturesque Sagar Island. These ferry services depart from Lot No. 8 and typically complete the journey in approximately 30-45 minutes.

For an exceptional experience, consider planning your visit during the revered Gangasagar Mela, typically held in January during the auspicious Makar Sankranti festival. This vibrant fair attracts a significant number of pilgrims and allows you to immerse yourself in the religious fervor of the region. Keep in mind that this festive period tends to draw large crowds, so plan accordingly.

Kolkata to Gangasagar Day Trip Itinerary:

Start early in the morning from Kolkata to reach Kakdwip. The journey may take around 3-4 hours by road or train. From Kakdwip, take a ferry to Kachuberia on Sagar Island. Explore the religious sites on the island, including the Gangasagar Temple, where pilgrims take a dip at the confluence of the Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. You can also visit the Kapil Muni Temple and other nearby attractions.
Return to Kakdwip by ferry and then back to Kolkata. Preparations:

Check the ferry schedule in advance, as timings may vary based on tides and weather conditions.
Dress modestly and respectfully, as you’ll be visiting religious sites. Carry essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Keep your ID cards handy for ferry tickets and security checks. Return: Make sure to start your return journey early to avoid any rush. Ferries can get crowded, especially during peak travel times.

The Gangasagar Mela is an annual celebration that occurs between January 13 and 15, drawing thousands of pilgrims from around the world. It is a remarkable sight to witness people filled with deep devotion as they participate in the rituals and activities of the Mela. The Gangasagar Yatra, also known as Ganga Snan, coincides with Makar Sankranti and involves taking a holy dip in the Ganga’s waters in the morning while offering worship to Lord Surya. This act is believed to absolve the pilgrim of all their sins, making it a spiritually significant and cleansing experience.


Hotel Accommodation on Twin Sharing basis In case of 3 pax,one room with one extra bed Roll away mattress will be provided .All Road Taxes,Toll taxes & Parking Fee.Driver Reward


Air Train Fare. Guide & Entry fee during sight seeing . Boating & Hose ride etc. Portages, Laundry,Food,Tips,Liquor exp.5% GST. Any other item not specified in Cost Includes.

Ganga Sagar Yatra, Ganga Sagar Tour Package

Gangasagar Tour By Car From Kolkata

If you’re seeking a remarkable day trip from Kolkata to Gangasagar, look no further than Gangasagar Tourism’s one-day excursion. Our carefully crafted packages promise an unforgettable experience for your Kolkata adventure.

Roadmap Of Gangasagar

Gangasagar Day Trip From Kolkata

Kolkata Gangasagar Tempo Traveller – Kolkata to Harwood Point

Q&A Gangasagar Tour From Kolkata

Q: How can I go to gangasagar from Kolkata?
A: The ride from Kolkata to Gangasagar. First you need to travel by road till lot 8, Harwood Point, Kakdwip from Kolkata. The ride will take around three to four hours. From here, cross the river Muriganga by ferry and reach Kachuberia which is on the Sagar Island. From Kachuberia you hve to take inland transport to reach Gangasagar.

Q: What is the best time to visit Gangasagar? 
A: October to March is ideal for a visit to Gangasagar when the temp is mild and less humid, the month of January is the best time but 10th to 20 January sees high surge in tourist due to sankranti mela.

Q: How far is Gangasagar from Howrah?
A: Howrah is around 110 KM from Gangasagar and takes 5 to 6 hours to reach.

Q: How can I go to gangasagar from Kolkata by train?
A: Local trains from Sealdah Station, South Section, Kolkata to Kakdwip station to visit Sagar island. Trains are available for Kakdwip Station (Namkhana Local), starting from at 4.00 am. These trains take about 2 & half hours to reach Kakdwip station.

Gangasagar Local Guide

If you’re in need of a tour guide for your Gangasagar adventure, there are a few options available. You can choose to hire a local guide once you arrive in Gangasagar or opt for a tour package from a travel agency that includes a guide. Here are some advantages of having a tour guide for your Gangasagar excursion:

Local Knowledge: A tour guide from Gangasagar will possess in-depth knowledge about the area, including its history, culture, and traditions. They can provide valuable insights and information that you might not find in guidebooks or online resources.

Convenience: With a tour guide, you can leave the logistics and transportation concerns to them, eliminating the stress of getting lost or figuring out the best way to reach attractions. This ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable trip.

Safety: A tour guide can enhance your safety by navigating through crowds, helping you avoid potential scams, and keeping an eye out for any safety risks or concerns.

Personalized Experience: Your tour guide can tailor the experience to your specific interests and preferences, providing a more personalized and memorable journey compared to pre-packaged tours.

Senior Citizen Group tour Ganga Sagar

Senior Citizen Group tour Ganga Sagar

Discover our comprehensive Gangasagar tours departing from Kolkata and Howrah, thoughtfully tailored to accommodate your group’s size. Our range of services includes hassle-free hotel or place of stay pickups and a variety of transportation options, from Sedans and SUVs to buses, depending on your group’s size.

Upon reaching Haarwood Point, you can easily procure your ferry tickets for a serene river crossing to Kachuberia. From there, you have the flexibility to choose between local cabs or shared buses for a convenient journey to the sacred Gangasagar confluence. After your enriching visit, our waiting vehicle will ensure a smooth return to Harwood Point, where you’ll be transported to your desired destination.

For larger groups, typically 30 people or more, we offer exclusive bus transportation directly to Namkhana. Our services extend beyond transportation as we also provide delectable breakfast options and can even arrange private ferry cruises to the serene Sagar Island. While on the island, you’ll have your private vehicle at your disposal to explore the mesmerizing Kapil Muni Ashram and the confluence. As you make your way back, we’ll arrange for a sumptuous lunch on the ferry, ensuring a memorable experience before dropping you off at your chosen location.

For travelers arriving in Kolkata by train, we also offer the convenience of direct pickups from the Howrah station, making your Gangasagar tour a truly seamless and memorable journey.