Film Documentary Production House Kolkata

Best film Documentary production house In kolkata

Are you in the process of planning a promotional video for your brand or product and struggling to find the most creative ad film production houses in Kolkata? Look no further! Your search for an ad film production house in India ends here with Power Publishers. We specialize in creating high-quality ad films at the most affordable prices, making us one of the leading ad film makers in Kolkata. Regardless of your product, we have the expertise to produce a professional and creative advertisement film that fits within your budget constraints. Choose Power Publishers for a compelling and cost-effective solution for your promotional video needs.

Choose RT Fixers for top-notch corporate video production, providing customized solutions to effectively communicate your business message. Our team seamlessly blends creative storytelling with premium visuals, guaranteeing that each corporate video not only captures the essence of your brand but also captivates and connects with your desired audience. Explore the impact of our meticulously crafted corporate videos in enhancing your brand’s communication strategy.

Best film Documentary production house In kolkata

RT Fixers boasts a team of seasoned professionals equipped with profound knowledge of local customs, regional dialects, and administrative procedures. Effective communication with local authorities and communities is pivotal to securing cooperation and permissions, ensuring smooth filming without any impediments. Our passionate and diligent team is committed to providing unparalleled support tailored to the specific needs of your project. Through meticulous research, we identify suitable locations with compelling stories and characters that align with your project’s synopsis. No project is too large or too small; we customize the entire production to meet your filming goals within the estimated budget.

While our expertise extends to India, we also possess extensive knowledge in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. We collaborate with carefully chosen suppliers and partners who share our commitment to excellence. Our unmatched network across the region enables us to assist with various documentary film projects, from location management to comprehensive support encompassing research, casting, permits, additional crew, equipment, and logistical arrangements, including camping facilities.

Being on a first-name basis with government officials enhances our ability to navigate bureaucratic processes smoothly. Officials often go out of their way to facilitate our projects. Functioning as fixers and line producers, we contribute to your project by offering research, generating ideas and stories, scouting locations, securing additional crew and equipment, and managing film and work permits. We organize your schedule and provide any necessary support for a successful filming experience. We approach each project with a personal touch, leveraging our contacts, skills, experience, and strategic approach to ensure your filming venture is a success. Feel free to reach out to us and discover the resourcefulness and fulfillment of working with RT Fixers.

Our Permission Requirements are as follows:

  • Filming schedule with date and time.
  • Production Synopsis.
  • Permission from Embassy or Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Authorization letter from your Production.
  • Crewmember List with position, passport detail and contact.
  • Crewmembers’ short biography (if any).
  • Equipment List with detailed specification.
  • Passport & Visa Copies.

We operate in any location on and off the map India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Production Crew:

  • Cameraman
  • Soundman
  • Still Photographer
  • Production Controller
  • Director
  • Art Director
  • Research Support Team

Production Equipments:

  • Camera with lenses
  • Drone (Phantom 2, Inspire and more)
  • Go Pro
  • Jimmy Zib
  • ABC Crane
  • Panther Dolly
  • Light Equipments
  • Sound Equipments
  • Helicopter with Rigging option
  • Small Aircraft
  • Outdoor Broadcasting Van
  • Vanity Vans
  • Soundproof Generator Van