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Weekend Tours Fom Kolkata – One Day Tours From Kolkata

Plan a One Day Trips From Kolkata and immerse yourself in the diverse beauty of the surrounding areas. Known as the City of Joy, Kolkata offers a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, boasting a rich cultural and intellectual heritage. But if you’re seeking a brief escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, there’s no shortage of enchanting destinations waiting to be explored. Start your Sunday adventure by securing a comfortable hotel in Kolkata for a rejuvenating night’s rest before embarking on your journey. From colonial architecture to vibrant street food, temples, and museums, Kolkata has something for every traveler.
The captivating blend of nature and history, coupled with well-preserved heritage, makes Kolkata a truly remarkable destination. However, for the intrepid explorer eager to venture beyond familiar territory, there’s a wealth of nearby attractions awaiting discovery. Here are some enticing options for a Day Tours Near Kolkata.

Weekend Tours Fom Kolkata - One Day Tours From Kolkata

Best Places for One Day Trips From Kolkata

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Berir Baor, Thakurnagar – 53 kms from Kolkata

In Bengali, ‘Baor’ is a ‘fresh-water lake’ and Berir Baor is a 06 kms. long Ox-Bow Lake created by the meandering Ichamati River. This Baor is famous for its aquatic fauna and some of the best quality fresh water fishes.

Shikarpur, North 24 Pgs. – 22 kms from Kolkata

Staying in a villa flanked by lawns and an overdose of greenery tucked within a remote village near Kolkata can be your next weekend destination spot near Kolkata. A cruising drive of 22 kms through the villages on the outskirts of Kolkata

Baluka Baganbari, Kalyani – 40 kms from Kolkata

Staying in ethnic cottages located within a garden surrounded by an overdose of greenery can be your next weekend destination near Kolkata. A cruising drive of 40 kms through the villages on the outskirts of Kolkata

Purbasthali, Bardhaman – 120 kms from Kolkata

Purbasthali is a small town just 120 kms from Kolkata, located in the district of East Bardhaman, between Katwa and Nabadwip. It is situated on the banks of a beautiful Oxbow lake that is created by the River Ganga.

Joypool, North 24 Pgns – 36 kms from Kolkata

A small village around 13 kms. from the district town of Barasat, Joypool is conveniently connected by roadways as well as railways. If you are yearning for some moments of peace and is longing to spend some valuable time with your family

Agarhati, South 24 Pgs – 66 kms from Kolkata

While you sit at the green island and look out to the endless water meeting the sky at the horizon, a freshly cooked maach bhaja (fried fish) arrives to break your thought process.

Rajendrapur, South 24 Pgs – 42 kms from Kolkata

Rajendrapur is a beautiful village just 42 kms from the heart of Kolkata. It is one of the best places to visit and de-stress yourself after a week of hectic work in the office.

Bawali, Budge Budge – 35 kms from Kolkata

Staying in three ethnic cottages located beside two large ponds surrounded by more than 180 species of plants and an overdose of greenery can be your next weekend destination near Kolkata. A cruising drive of 35 kms through the villages on the outskirts of Kolkata.Kolkata One Day Tourist Spots.

Babur Haat, North 24 Pgs – 48 kms from Kolkata

Babur Haat is a quaint rural village located about 51 kilometers from Kolkata. It is a perfect weekend destination for families and friends who want to spend some quality time enjoying the rustic village with the different shades of a traditional Bengal village life.

Dhuturdaha, South 24 Pgs – 51 kms from Kolkata

Just 51 kms from Kolkata, Dhuturdaha is a serene village with endless stretches of fishing lakes (bheri), vegetable gardens, ponds, palm trees, mango groves, local temples and different shades of village life.

Bird watching spots near Kolkata

01. Indian Botanic Garden, Shibpur, Howrah (more details) The Indian Botanic Garden in Shibpur covers some 270 acres of land, located by the Hugli River and is some 230 year old.

Diamond Harbour – 50 kms from Kolkata

Diamond Harbour located in the Southern suburbs of Kolkata is an exciting day out or a weekend tour. You will be amazed to locate this charming destination within such a short reach from Kolkata (50 km), ideal for a leisure trip.Family Day Outing Near Kolkata

Routpara, Hooghly – 82 kms from Kolkata

It happens that a weekend tour to a less famed destination often turns out to be an extremely exciting trip, with loads of fun and frolic. The quaint village of Routpara located in the Arambagh subdivision of Hooghly district is such a destination.

Machranga Dwip, Hasnabad – 75 kms from Kolkata

Machranga Dwip or Kingfisher Island is situated between Ichamati River and Bhasa River. This little known Island has Bangladesh on one of its side and India on the other. This desolate island is covered by trees and is considered an ideal for a fun-filled day trip.

Raichak, Diamond Harbour – 50 kms from Kolkata

Lately, Raichak has emerged as a sought after weekend destination, a drive away from Kolkata, offering spectacular view of the river Ganges and the 18th century Radisson Fort or the Raichak Fort.

Dasghara, Hooghly – 70 kms from Kolkata

Dasghara is an ideal destination for the tourists having true interest in history because this small village near Tarakeshwar treasures some remarkable terracotta temples and architectures. This quaint village is situated 12 km north of Tarakeswar,

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, Sonarpur – 20 kms from Kolkata

Located within a driving distance from the pulsating metropolis of Kolkata, the Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary is the haven of huge varieties of butterflies, birds, ferns, epiphytes and orchids.

Gadiara, Howrah – 96 kms from Kolkata

Gadiara is a very nice weekend tourist spot, located in the meeting point of River Hooghly, River Damodar and River Rupnarayan. The rivers meet here to form a huge expanse of waterbody with towns like Haldia, Geonkhali and Nurpur on their banks.Day Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

Junput, Midnapore – 145 kms from Kolkata

Shrouded with tranquility, Junput is an ideal holiday location for those who are looking for enjoying their holiday in isolation. The rhythmic sound of the sea waves along with the gentle blowing breeze will take away all your exhaustion within few seconds.

Taki, Hasnabad – 80 kms from Kolkata

To escape from the humdrum of daily life, sneak out a weekend on the borders of India, on the banks of Ichamati River in the small town of Taki. In West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, Taki is a municipality under the Basirhat subdivision.

One day tours from kolkata for family – One day tours from kolkata by car

List of The Places to Visit Near Kolkata for One Day:

Name of the PlacesFamous For:
BishnupurHistory, Architecture
ChandipurSea Beaches, Food, Sightseeing Places
DighaSea Beaches, Food, Parks, Seabathing, Sightseeing
BakkhaliSea Beaches, Food, Village Walks, Camping
RasikbilNature, Birdwatching, Wildlife
ShankarpurSea Beach, Fish, Water Activities
DuarsiniNature, Rural Landscapes, Peaceful Environment, Wildlife
MukutmanipurNature, Water Activities
SajnekhaliWildlife, Boating
MayapurReligious Activities
KrishnagarHistory, Nature, Artworks
BolpurArt, Culture, Nature
MandarmaniNature, Sea Beach, Festival, Fish, Water Activities
JunputNature, Sea Beach, Fishing
TalsariBeach, Nature, Food
SamsingNature, Tea Gardens, Rivers
Kamarpukur and JairambatiSpiritual Significance, Nature
BankuraArt, Culture, Nature, History
MurshidabadHistory, Architecture, Art
PuruliaNature, Art, Culture
JhargramNature, Wildlife, Art, Culture, History

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