Kolkata River Cruise Ganges River Cruise | Luxury River Cruises in India

Ganges River Cruise | Luxury River Cruises in Kolkata

Since Job Charnock first dropped anchor in this city, the winding river has intricately woven itself into the fabric of Kolkata’s existence. To truly immerse yourself in the city’s essence, on a Kolkata River Cruise along the Ganges. With 54 ghats, each boasting rich history and heritage, the journey unfolds a tapestry of Bathing ghats, Ceremonial ghats, and Ferry ghats linking the two riverbanks.

Hooghly River with Kolkata Heritage Hooghly River Cruises. Whether you prefer a leisurely country boat ride or a luxurious multi-day excursion, we have the perfect option for you. Explore our diverse range of cruises and make your booking online effortlessly. Our Hooghly River cruises showcase both the timeless heritage and modern marvels lining the riverbanks. Glide along the tranquil waters as you admire iconic landmarks and colonial-era buildings, all while enjoying the city’s skyline from a unique perspective. Escape the hustle and bustle of Kolkata as you relax on board, savoring a chilled-out evening cruise at sunset. Skip the hassle of queuing for ferry tickets with our convenient online booking system. Upon boarding, you’ll be greeted with a refreshing welcome drink and delectable evening snacks, enhancing your cruising experience. While there are numerous options available for Ganges River cruises in Kolkata, we understand that not everyone seeks an extended journey. That’s why we offer shorter, yet equally enchanting, cruises along the Hooghly River. When it comes to reputable tour operators, Ryask Tourism stands out as the top choice, endorsed by leading hotels across the city. With Ryask Tourism, you can trust in a seamless and memorable Hooghly River cruise experience.

Exploring Kolkata from the river unveils a panorama of monuments, memorials, and markets lining the riverbanks, waiting to be discovered and experienced. An evening Ganga river cruise adds a magical touch, offering a captivating view of the pristine sunset and the enchanting Ganga Arati.



River Cruise Kolkata

River Tour – Kolkata Port Heritage Initiative
Time – 3pm to 8pm

An initiative of Shyama Prasad Mookerjee Port in association with Ryask Toursism, India

Starting point : Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Museum
Finishing point : Fairlie Place
We can also drop you to the nearest Metro station at the time of returning.

Kolkata Port is the oldest major riverine port of India. This really calls for a celebration! We at Ryask Tourism are happy to collaborate with Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port in bringing you an evening tour of the city by a Steamer (deployed by Port) on Hooghly. An initiative to show your own city at night, to see the Port heritages in Museum and then to embark on a steamer ride touching the Port’s historical landmarks and watermarks. Come for a lovely evening on the river!

The tour will be led by senior officials of Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port & Expert Guides.

1. A bottle of mineral water
2. Tea
3. Packed evening refreshments (from Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port)
4. Water transportation by Steamer
5. A reserved Bus ride from Port Museum at Fairlie Place to Prinsep Ghat and back.



Rs 2550/- per person. +GST This rate is applicable to Indian nationals.

Rs 4050/- + GST per person. For foreigners This rate is applicable For foreigners

Kolkata River Cruise – Booking Price & Facilites

Breakfast & Evening River Cruise in Kolkata

Take a chilled-out evening cruise along the Hooghly River at sunset and enjoy seeing the city of Kolkata from a different angle.

Evening & Dinner cruise In Ganges Kolkata

Evening Cruise

Evening Cruise On Ganga Kolkata

Added Attraction with no added cost
A visit to Belur Math for 45 minutes (charges inclusive )

(4.00 pm to 7.00 pm) * Rs. 1750/- per person

Life is too short and precious. Spend time with your loved ones amid a setting sun over the resolute Howrah Bridge and catch the moment as it flies carpe diem.

Treat your taste buds with the delicious and sumptuous menu specially chosen by the chef to tantalize your taste buds with the lavish buffet.

Dinner Cruise On Ganges Kolkata

(7.30 pm to 10.00 pm) * Rs. 2100/- per person

With the reflection of the Kolkata city-lights shimmering in the river, with no destination in mind. Come along and enjoy the magic and romance of the historic with majestic city. Onboard with a warm smile and a drink along with sumptuous dinner menu.

Treat your taste buds with the delicious and sumptuous menu specially chosen by the chef to tantalize your taste buds with the lavish buffet.

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise

voyage along the banks of the River Ganges with Kolkata Heritage Hoogly River Cruises. Choose from a diverse array of cruise options, ranging from intimate country boat rides to opulent multi-day experiences, all easily accessible through online booking. These cruises along the Ganges or Hoogly River offer a captivating fusion of heritage landmarks and contemporary architectural wonders. Uncover the profound historical significance of the riverbanks, where every tourist can encounter iconic attractions and marvel at the seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Hooghly River Cruise in Kolkata, India

A evening Ganga river cruise in Kolkata offers a wonderful experience of the pristine sunset and the ganga Arati.

Pre Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour In Ganges Cruise Kolkata Tour Package 2025 – Holi Parties & Events In Kolkata

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour in Ganges Cruise Kolkata Tour Package 2024 - Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Date : March 2025
Occasion :Basanta Utsav
Package :Cruising On Ganges With Lunch
Name Of The Vessel : M V Auspicious
Time : 01:00PM To 4:00PM
Entertainment : Manipuri Style Cultural Dance With Holi Celebration
Enjoy Bar Services : On-Board With On-Spot Payment (Cash/Card)
Price: INR.3200/- + 5% GST Per Person

Food Menu For 23rd March 2024

  • ® Thandai
  • ® Beer ( 330 Ml) – Complimentary ® Or ® A Glass Of Cocktail
  • ® Aloo Chole Chaat
  • ® Pani Puri
  • ® Hara Bhara Kabab
  • ® Cheese Ball
  • ® Chicken Tikka
  • ® Fish Azwani Tikka
  • ® Doi Katla
  • ® Chicken Do Pyaza
  • ® Dum Aloo Kashmiri
  • ® Karai Veg
  • ® Yellow Methi Dal
  • ® Tandoori Roti
  • ® Peas Pulao
  • ® Papad Pickle Chutney
  • ® Montecarlo
  • ® Indian Sweet

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Kolkata River Cruise