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Lakshadweep, an archipelago off the coast of the Indian mainland, is a sought-after tourist destination known for its azure seas, pristine beaches, and exotic islands. Whether you crave tranquility or seek thrilling adventures, this tropical paradise has something for everyone. Boasting a multitude of islands ideal for a getaway, Lakshadweep also offers luxurious resorts and a plethora of fun-filled activities, ensuring a memorable beach vacation. This travel guide is your key to exploring and enjoying all that Lakshadweep has to offer, providing essential information for a fulfilling and unforgettable island experience. Lakshadweep, the smallest union territory of India, is an archipelago situated approximately 400 km off the west coast in the Arabian Sea. Its name, meaning “one lakh islands,” reflects the group’s numerous beautiful islands and stunning beaches. This inviting destination captivates nature lovers with its lush green scenery, diverse marine life, and pristine silvery beaches, offering a perfect backdrop for water sports enthusiasts. Lakshadweep also boasts significant mosques such as Ujra Mosque, Rahmaniya Juma Masjid, and Ahmadiyya Masjid, adding to its cultural and religious significance.

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Lakshadweep Travel Information

Lakshadweep Holidays from Kolkata in 2024

Discover a range of enticing Lakshadweep tour packages from Kolkata with Ryask Tourism, offering unbeatable prices and exclusive discounts. Tailored to cater to diverse travelers, Ryask Tourism’s Lakshadweep holiday packages from Kolkata are flexible and can be personalized to meet individual preferences. Ensuring a memorable vacation experience, these packages include pre-booked accommodations, guided sightseeing tours, and a plethora of activities. A knowledgeable tour guide accompanies you to enhance your exploration of Lakshadweep.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lakshadweep, an archipelago of 36 islands known for its exotic marine life, pristine beaches, and lush greenery. Must-visit destinations include Minicoy Island, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, Kadmat Island, a haven for marine enthusiasts, and Kavaratti, offering thrilling adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. With Ryask Tourism’s Lakshadweep tour packages from Kolkata, assistance is available 24/7, ensuring any queries are promptly addressed. For added convenience, the packages are not only affordable but can also be customized according to your preferences. Whether you seek a relaxing getaway or an adventurous escapade, Ryask Tourism has the perfect Lakshadweep tour package for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure attractive deals and discounts when booking your dream vacation with Ryask Tourism.

Explore the Enchanting Islands of Lakshadweep

a journey to the picturesque Lakshadweep islands, meaning “one lakh islands.” Nestled 400 km off India’s west coast in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India, boasting beautiful beaches, exotic marine life, and lush green landscapes. As a haven for nature lovers, this archipelago offers a serene and peaceful ambiance, making it an inviting holiday destination.

Why Visit Lakshadweep?

The charm of Lakshadweep lies in its remoteness, offering exotic islands, beautiful beaches, and a tranquil atmosphere. The islands, each with its unique attractions, provide a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re into water sports or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Lakshadweep has something for everyone.

How to Reach Lakshadweep from Kolkata?

While there are no direct flights from Kolkata to Lakshadweep, you can take a flight to Cochin, the nearest airport. From Cochin, you can then reach Lakshadweep by either ship or another connecting flight.

Do Indians Need Permission to Visit Lakshadweep?

Yes, Indians require a permit to visit Lakshadweep, and tour operators typically facilitate the permit application process.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to explore Lakshadweep is between September and May when the weather is pleasant, making it conducive for water sports.

Islands to Visit in Lakshadweep

  1. Kavaratti Island:
    • How to Reach: Flight to Agatti airport or passenger ship from Cochin.
    • Things to Do: Scuba diving, Jet Ski, Kayaking, Motorboat rides, Marine Aquarium and Museum, Ujra Mosque visit.
  2. Bangaram Island:
    • How to Reach: Short fun ferry ride from Agatti.
    • Things to Do: Enjoy sunset views, Canoeing, Kayaking, Water skiing, Diving, Snorkeling, Seafood dining.
  3. Minicoy Island:
    • How to Reach: Ferry from Agatti or helicopter services.
    • Things to Do: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Fishing, Juma Masjid visit.
  4. Kalpeni Island:
    • How to Reach: Flight from Agatti airport or helicopter.
    • Things to Do: Water sports, Folk dances (Kolkali and Parichakkali), Enjoy the picturesque lagoon.
  5. Amindivi Island:
    • How to Reach: Flight from Agatti.
    • Things to Do: Explore Kiltan Island, Chetlat Island, Bitra Island, Kadmat Island, Stay at luxurious resorts, Enjoy fresh seafood.
  6. Kadmat Island:
    • How to Reach: Flight from Agatti, followed by ferry, speedboat, or catamaran services.
    • Things to Do: Adventure sports, Sunbathing, Spa and massage services, Deep-sea fishing.
  7. Agatti Island:
    • How to Reach: Direct flight to Agatti airport.
    • Things to Do: Sunbathing, Strolling amidst coconut trees, Water sports, Deep-sea fishing.

Accommodation in Lakshadweep

  1. Agatti Island:
    • Agatti Island Beach Resort – Starting from INR 8,000 per night.
  2. Bangaram Island:
    • Tent house – Starting from INR 6,000 per night.
  3. Kadmat Island:
    • Kadmat Beach Resort – Starting from INR 3,000 per night.
  4. Kalpeni Island:
    • Coral Beach Resort – Starting from INR 6,000 per night.
  5. Minicoy Island:
    • Minicoy Resort – Starting from INR 8,000 per night.

Food in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep’s cuisine, influenced by Kerala, features coconut-based dishes and a variety of seafood. From fried to barbecued fish, the island’s menu also includes international cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Korean dishes.

Tips for Traveling to Lakshadweep

  • Carry sufficient currency as debit cards are accepted but not everywhere.
  • Lakshadweep can be reached by ships and flights from Kochi.
  • Lakshadweep is a safe destination, but adhere to local customs and etiquettes.
  • Major mobile service providers are Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone.
  • Power plugs and sockets of C and D type are used.

Checklist for Lakshadweep Travel

  • Travel documents, tickets, medical records, and relevant ID cards.
  • Currency, debit cards.
  • Beachwear, comfortable flip-flops, sunglasses, hats.
  • Electronics: Mobile phone, camera, travel adapter.
  • Health and hygiene items: Medications, basic medical kit, women’s hygiene products, toiletries, insect spray.

FAQs for Lakshadweep Travel

  1. Is Lakshadweep worth visiting? Yes, it is beautiful and worth exploring.
  2. Do you need a passport to go to Lakshadweep? Indians need a permit; foreigners may need a passport and visa.
  3. Why is Lakshadweep restricted? Due to limited resources and environmental sensitivity.
  4. How many hours from Cochin to Lakshadweep? Approximately 8 hours.
  5. Is Lakshadweep part of Kerala? Yes, it is part of the same marine range as the Maldives.
  6. What language is spoken in Lakshadweep? Malayalam.
  7. Is smoking allowed? Smoking in public places is illegal but rarely enforced.
  8. Is alcohol allowed? No, except for Bangaram Island.

Lakshadweep – A Perfect Destination for Island Lovers

Lakshadweep offers unspoiled beaches, adventurous water sports, and a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture. Scuba diving is a major attraction, and the island’s divine cuisine provides a perfect escape from city chaos.

For an amazing vacation in Lakshadweep, contact us at +91 9088694714 We help you get the best Lakshadweep tour packages from Kolkata, customized to your budget and preferences.

Lakshadweep Tour Packages Itinerary –

Day 1 –

Upon your arrival at Agatti airport, our representative will warmly welcome you and accompany you to your designated Hotel or Tourist home. After a delightful lunch, embark on a captivating Agatti island sightseeing tour. Explore key attractions such as the Public Library, anthropological museum, South beach, Eastern jetty (a point for ship embarkation and disembarkation), NIOT sea water desalination Plant, and the scenic Lagoon beach, which serves as a picturesque sunset point. Take a leisurely break on the creamy sands of Lagoon beach for a couple of hours, allowing you to unwind and absorb the serene atmosphere. Return to your Hotel or Guesthouse around 7 PM, and savor a delicious dinner served at 8:30. Enjoy an overnight stay in Agatti, preparing for more exciting adventures on the following days.

Day 2 –

delightful adventure on Agatti Island starting your day with a satisfying breakfast. Head to the Water Sports Beach where an array of exciting water activities awaits you, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and glass-bottom boat rides. A well-equipped SCUBA diving center is also available for those seeking an underwater experience, guided by experienced instructors. Post a fulfilling lunch, explore the scenic Kalpitti Island, a charming islet located at the southern tip of Agatti. Enjoy activities such as swimming and turtle watching, with a small boat journey through shallow waters. Take a leisurely walk to soak in the sights of the island before returning to Agatti around 13:00. Relax in your room after lunch and, after 3 PM, unwind by the beautiful lagoon beach, savoring the mesmerizing sunset. Conclude your day with evening tea and an overnight stay in Agatti.

Day 3

Begin your day with breakfast, then head to the embarkation point for a boat journey to Bangaram Island. Upon arrival, savor a refreshing welcome drink and complete the check-in process for your reserved room. Relax and unwind, immersing yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the pristine beach. Enjoy a leisurely evening at Bangaram, and stay overnight in this idyllic island paradise.

Day 4

delightful journey to Thinnakara, a quaint uninhabited island nestled in the same atoll as Bangaram, accompanied by two charming islets named Parali and Parali II. As you cruise through the shallow waters, the crystal-clear lagoon offers enchanting glimpses of turtles gracefully gliding beneath the surface. After exploring the serene beauty of Thinnakara, Parali, and Parali II, you can gracefully return to the picturesque Bangaram. This extraordinary excursion is available for a fee, with the enticing option of extending your experience with an overnight stay on the tranquil Thinnakara island.

Day 5

Following a delightful early breakfast, embark on a scenic boat journey to Agatti Island, a swift 40-minute ride, ensuring arrival before 10 AM. From Agatti, board an Air India flight to Kochi, concluding your stay with us. We extend our sincere gratitude for choosing our accommodation.

Cost Includes

  • Entry Permit
  • Welcome drink
  • Ac Deluxe Accommodation at Agatti
  • Ac Deluxe beach cottage Accommodation at Bangaram
  • Non AC beach tent Accommodation at Thinnakara
  • Airport Transfers at Agatti Airport
  • All meals
  • Candle light dinner in the beach
  • Agatti Bangaram boat transfer
  • Bangaram Thinnakara boat transfer
  • Thinnakara Agatti boat transfer
  • Personal assistance
  • All taxes

Cost Excludes

  • Flight Tickets
  • Any Water Sports activities (to be payable by cash at Resort)
  • Any other personal expenses
  • Any other island visit/day tour

Foreign Nationals

A scanned copy of Passport and Indian Tourist Visa has to be submitted along with the details for inner line permit for at least 20 days before the travel date. The Samudram Package is available for Indian as well as Foreign Nationals.

Lakshadeep Tourism – Samudram Package

captivating five-day cruise journey exploring the enchanting islands of Kavaratti, Minicoy, and Kalpeni with the renowned ship M.V Kavaratti, famously known as Lakshadweep Samudaram. Departing from Kochi, this fixed departure package offers an exquisite experience with 150 Diamond class accommodations on board. The ship boasts a range of amenities, including a doctor on call, cafeteria, snack bars, entertainments, and an upper-deck promenade. With three independent galleys, halls, a recreation place featuring a swimming pool, and even a helipad, M.V Kavaratti ensures a luxurious and comfortable voyage. Children aged 1 to 10 years are considered as children for this cruise adventure. The day tour on the islands is well-organized, featuring refreshing activities and lunch ashore, while nights are spent in the comfort of the ship’s accommodations. Thrilling water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and various water sports are arranged, complemented by sightseeing, folk dances, and other entertaining experiences throughout the day. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these picturesque islands as you create lasting memories on this extraordinary cruise.