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Kolkata Local is an alternate tourism initiative to experience Bengal with a new vision. Be it a solo experiential event or a grand corporate conference or a very cosy family get-together, Kolkata Local is ready to take you to different parts of South Bengal where you can see, hear, taste, smell & touch the inner life of a hidden paradise. Come with us and you will surely find something you haven’t experienced before. Explore yourself at South Bengal – the soft corner of India. Explore Bengal. Experience Bengal.

Explore Bengal with Kolkata Local, an innovative tourism initiative offering a fresh perspective on the hidden gems of the region. Our small group trips, guided by locals, immerse you in the authentic sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences of this paradise. Embrace responsible tourism with eco-friendly stays and support conservation efforts. Discover traditional and offbeat destinations, from the hills of Kalimpong to the forests of Jalpaiguri, and the cultural richness of Bankura, Purulia, and beyond. Our diverse circuits include home stays, film tourism, and community-based activities, creating unique packages for a memorable Bengal experience.

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Top 40 Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

Top Places For A Weekend Getaway Near Kolkata

There are many great weekend getaway options from Kolkata, ranging from serene hill stations to historical towns and beachside destinations. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ravangla – Enjoy The Magical Snow View
  • Bakkhali – The Most Breathtaking Beaches In India
  • Tajpur – An Unknown Sea Beach
  • Shantiniketan – An Outstanding Creation Of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Kurseong – The Land Of White Orchid
  • Mandarmani – Known For Serentiy
  • Rinchenpong – Enjoy The Fascinating Mountain Views
  • Digha – An Ideal Party Destination
  • Roopark Village, Panchalingeswar – A Unique Tribal Village Resort
  • Rishyap – A Serene Weekend Retreat
  • Puri – The Most Famous Beach Of Eastern India
  • Shankarpur – A Largely Hidden Beach
  • Uttarey – A Scenic Village
  • Kalimpong – For A Relaxed Weekend Holiday
  • Sundarbans – The Largest Delta In The World
  • Henry’s Island – A Serene Island
  • Lepchajagat – For A Romantic Weekend Getaway
  • Chalsa – Tea Gardens, Rivers And Forests
  • Junput – An Abode Of Peace
  • Lava – A Serene Little Township
  • MongPong – A Small Hill Village
  • Lolegaon – A Small Peaceful Hamlet
  • Bishnupur – A Temple Town
  • Jaldhaka – A Picturesque Weekend Getaway
  • Samsing – The Land Of Floating Clouds
  • Jaldapara – Home To Famous One Horned Rhino
  • Mayapur – A Religious Site
  • Mukutmanipur – For A Peaceful Vacation
  • Bankura – Temples, Adventure Sports And More
  • Piyali Island – A Haven For Birdwatchers
  • Kamarpukur – Enjoy Simple Rural Life
  • Jhargram – For Nature Lovers
  • Belur Math – A Pilgrimage Pursuit
  • Ganga Sagar – A Blend Of Natural And Religious Charm
  • Jamshedpur – India’s First Planned City
  • Konark – Beholding A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Purulia – For A Weekend Getaway Amidst Nature
  • Cuttack – Cultural Capital Of Odisha
  • Nabadwip – A Religious Center
  • Haldia – A Bustling River Port

Riverfront Weekend Destinations near Kolkata

Kolkata Local

Top 40 Weekend Getaways From Kolkata To Visit In 2023 – 2024

Heritage Tour & Walks – West Bengal

Experience the rich tapestry of Bengal’s diverse offerings with our specially curated combination packages. The number of days and cost can be designed to suit your preferences upon request.

City Exploration:

  1. Dalhousie Square (Business Hub & Street Food): Discover the dynamic energy of the business hub and savor the flavors of street food.
  2. Botanical Gardens (World’s Largest Banyan Tree): Marvel at the world’s largest banyan tree in the serene surroundings of the Botanical Gardens.
  3. College Street (Book Lovers Paradise): Immerse yourself in the literary haven of College Street, a paradise for book lovers.
  4. Graveyards (Trails & Search): Embark on intriguing trails and exploration in the historic graveyards.
  5. Hoogly (Trails along the Banks/Ghats on River Cruise): Cruise along the picturesque banks of the Hoogly River, exploring its vibrant ghats.
  6. Indian Museum (Founded in 1814): Step into history at the renowned Indian Museum, founded in 1814.
  7. Kumartuli (Clay Idol Makers Studio/Workshop): Witness the craftsmanship of clay idol makers in the charming studios of Kumartuli.
  8. Mother Teresa (Mother’s House): Pay homage to the legacy of Mother Teresa at Mother’s House.
  9. Marble Palace (1835 – House of Raja Rajendra Mullick): Explore the opulent Marble Palace, a testament to grandeur from 1835.
  10. Missionaries of Charity (Nirmal Hriday): Experience the compassionate work at Nirmal Hriday, part of the Missionaries of Charity.
  11. National Library (Largest of its kind in India): Dive into knowledge at the National Library, the largest of its kind in India.
  12. North Calcutta (Old Calcutta – Photographer’s Delight): Capture the charm of old Calcutta, a delight for photographers.
  13. Park Street (Night Life of Calcutta): Indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Calcutta along Park Street.
  14. Princep Ghat (Banks of the Hoogly): Enjoy the serene ambiance along the banks of the Hoogly River at Princep Ghat.
  15. Rani Rashmoni House (Built in 1805): Step back in time at the historic Rani Rashmoni House, built in 1805.
  16. Shovabazar Rajbari (1737-97 – House of Raja Nabakrishna Deb): Witness the grandeur of Shovabazar Rajbari, the house of Raja Nabakrishna Deb.
  17. St. Paul’s Cathedral (1847 – Gothic Revival Style): Admire the Gothic Revival architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral, built in 1847.
  18. Town Hall (1853 – Roman Doric Style): Explore the Roman Doric architecture of Town Hall, dating back to 1853.
  19. Victoria Memorial Hall (In Memory of Queen Victoria of England): Pay homage to Queen Victoria at the iconic Victoria Memorial Hall.

Bengal Countryside Heritage & Historical Places:

Explore the heritage and historical gems nestled in the Bengal countryside:

  1. Bandel Church & European Campsite (Bandel): Discover the historical Bandel Church and the charm of the European campsite.
  2. Baluchar Sari, Dokra & Panchmura (Bishnupur): Immerse yourself in the artistry of Baluchar Sari, Dokra, and Panchmura in Bishnupur.
  3. Cooch Behar Palace (Cooch Behar): Step into regal splendor at the majestic Cooch Behar Palace.
  4. French Institute (Chandernagore): Experience the French influence at the French Institute in Chandernagore.
  5. Madan Mohan Temple (Bishnupur): Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Madan Mohan Temple in Bishnupur.
  6. Baro Duari Mosques (Gaur/Pandua): Explore the historical significance of Baro Duari Mosques in Gaur/Pandua.
  7. Hazarduari & Imambara (Murshidabad): Uncover the history encapsulated in Hazarduari and the grandeur of the Imambara in Murshidabad.
  8. Chaitanya Prahaprabhu (Nabadwip): Pay homage to Chaitanya Prahaprabhu in the sacred town of Nabadwip.
  9. Iskon Temple (Mayapur Nadia): Experience spiritual tranquility at the Iskon Temple in Mayapur, Nadia.
  10. Ruins of Forts (Diamond Harbour – Where the River Meets the Sea): Explore the atmospheric ruins of forts where the river meets the sea in Diamond Harbour.
  11. Shantiniketan & Bolpur (Abode of Peace): Immerse yourself in the artistic and serene ambience of Shantiniketan and Bolpur.

Local Culture (Must-Watch):

To truly experience Bengal’s local flavors, undertake religious tours, boat stays, heritage walks, and explore village life. Support local artisans and workers for a sustainable living.

Must-Try Cuisine:

Indulge in the highly recommended authentic Bengali cuisine:

  • Fish, Crab, Prawn, Lamb Curries, and Vegetable Preparations.
  • Rice, Rosogolla, Mishti Doi & Sondesh.

Embark on a journey that captures the essence of Bengal’s rich history, diverse culture, and delectable cuisine.

It is mandatory to carry any of the Identity cards (Voter Identity Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Photo ID card issued by Central / State Govt /Adhar Card). Both these will be examined at the time of check-in.

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