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Sundarban National Park in West Bengal is a mesmerizing blend of stealthy tigers, graceful landscapes, and vibrant birdlife. This vast mangrove ecosystem, a biosphere reserve, national park, and tiger reserve, spans 40,000 sq. km across India and Bangladesh. The intricate network of creeks and tributaries offers boat-riding tourists a captivating experience, surrounded by the wet air and the symphony of bird calls. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, declared in 1987, is renowned for its Sundari trees with unique roots that rise during waterlogging. The name “Sundarbans” translates to “beautiful forests,” capturing the essence of this rich delta stretching from River Hooghly in India to River Baleswar in Bangladesh. Amidst the silence, the big cats and saltwater crocodiles silently observe, making it a truly enchanting destination.


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