Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara National Park – Wildlife Sanctuary India

The history of Jaldapara National Park is a journey marked by significant transitions and administrative interventions that have shaped its present status. Originally known as Totapara, it was inhabited by the Mech and Toto tribes in the early 1800s. However, in the 19th century, efforts were made to safeguard Bengal tigers, leading to its designation as a game reserve.In 1941, during the colonial era, it was established as a reserve forest with the primary objective of protecting the dwindling population of one-horned rhinoceros from hunting, poaching, and habitat loss. The rhinos, once abundant in the Indo-Gangetic plains, faced displacement, necessitating conservation measures.

The journey towards national park status began when Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary was proposed for elevation in May 2012. Throughout its evolution, the park has witnessed administrative changes, but its commitment to conserving the diverse flora and fauna has remained steadfast. Each administrative transition has been pivotal in shaping the park’s development and management, culminating in its current status as a national park. Thus, the rich legacy of conservation efforts and proactive measures by past administrations continues to define Jaldapara National Park’s significance today.

Online Safari Booking in Jaldapara National Park

Tourists have the option to book online for either jeep safaris or elephant safaris within the park. All aspects of safari bookings are overseen by the forest officials in accordance with the guidelines set by India’s forest department. It’s important to note that while booking online, tourists should be aware that the allocation of safari zones, drivers, and naturalist guides is entirely managed by the forest officials and is beyond our control. However, visitors can look forward to experiencing remarkable wildlife and natural habitats during their safari adventure.

Jaldapara National Park - Wildlife Sanctuary India

If you are getting options to explore the beauty of Jaldapara National Park. It is exciting, isn’t it? But choosing the best way for you to choose. So let me help you with this. Let’s go deep into this and know a little about both the safari: Elephant Safari and a Jeep Safari.

Wildlife Safaris: Jeep and elephant safaris are popular for wildlife enthusiasts to spot animals like rhinoceros, Indian bison, and various deer species.

Bird Watching: The park is a paradise for bird watchers, with numerous avian species to observe.

Nature Walks: Guided nature walks are available to explore the park’s lush flora and fauna.

Village Visits: Visitors can interact with local indigenous communities to experience their culture and traditions.

Camping: Camping is permitted in designated areas for a close-to-nature experience.

Photography: Capture the park’s stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Lodging: There are accommodations like forest rest houses and private resorts for a comfortable stay.

Local Cuisine: Savor traditional Bengali and local dishes.

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