Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park: Explore The Wilderness

Nestled in the Dooars region at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, Gorumara National Park is a biodiversity hotspot. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, including Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephants, leopards, and numerous bird species. Recognized as one of India’s best-protected areas by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2009, the park plays a vital role in conservation and ecotourism. Visitors can enjoy Jeep safaris to observe wildlife and explore the park’s natural beauty, which also offers opportunities for birdwatching, trekking, and camping. Nearby attractions include Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Physically, the Murti River flows to the east and the River Neora to the west of Gorumara National Park. The area experiences a tropical climate, with moderately cold winters, warm summers, and moderate to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. March, September, and October are ideal months to visit.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions of Gorumara National Park:

Wildlife Jeep Safari: The Park offers jeep safaris and elephant safaris for visitors to explore the park’s treasured wildlife and natural beauty. Wildlife safari is the prime attraction, which caters opportunity to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

Watchtowers: The Park has several watchtowers that offer stunning views of the park and its wildlife. These watch towers can be reached by jeep safari in Gorumara National Park. The popular watchtowers are -Chukchuk Watch, Chandrachur Watch Tower, Jatraprasad Watch Tower, Chapramari Watch Tower, Medla Watch Tower.

Elephant Camp: The Park has an elephant camp where visitors can interact with elephants and elephant ride. The Elephant Camp at Dhupjhora is a Government forest resort, near the Murti River. The elephant safari can be booked from here. Apart from that, tribal programs are arranged for tourists every evening. There is a watchtower in the elephant camp that facilitates the views of wild animals.

Birds Watching: The Park is home to over 200 species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. The dense forest of Gorumara houses various species of avifauna in abundance. The forest is ideal for bird watchers and photographers to spot and capture pictures of rare species of birds. Gorumara is also the abode of migratory birds.

Trekking: Trekking opportunities Gorumara National Park in Lataguri leads to Jayanti Mahakkal Caves, Near the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Gorumara National Park: Explore The Wilderness

Gorumara National Park, Gorumara Online Safari Booking

ay Visit Entry Note for Gorumara National Park

Here we have listed the entire day visit/ safari charges, also keep in mind few rules when you are at Gorumara National Park.

  • Guide is mandatory and only Forest Department authorized vehicles are allowed.
  • A group must contain 1-6 tourists, an authorized vehicle and guide.
  • All car fare is fixed and set by Forest Department of West Bengal Government.
  • Entry charges are double for foreigners (except SAARK countries).

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