Kolkata Food Tour

Kolkata Food Walk (Kolkata (Calcutta)

Embarking on our culinary exploration of Kolkata, our journey commences with a delightful stroll through renowned sweet shops that have crafted signature Bengal delicacies such as ‘naru’ and ‘moaa’ for over five centuries. We delve into the rich culinary heritage of Bengal, tracing its origins back to the influential role played by Sri Chaitanya in shaping the region’s gastronomic traditions.

Our narrative unfolds as we visit famed establishments celebrated for their ‘tele bhaja’ (fritters), immersing ourselves in the flavors that have stood the test of time. The tour culminates in savoring Kolkata’s iconic dishes, including Mutton Pantheras Cutlet, Braised Cutlet, Babu Sandesh, and Rosogolla. In doing so, we connect these culinary delights to the cultural, historical, and political tapestry of 18th-century Kolkata, which has indelibly shaped the city’s unique foodscape.

Our exploration leads us to Bagbazar, an ancient district that holds the key to the defining traits of a Bengali Bhadralok (gentleman). Beyond its historical significance, Bagbazar has played a pivotal role in education, politics, religion, and social work, contributing significantly to Calcutta’s reputation as a cultural hub. Notably, Bagbazar stands as a prominent site in the international Ramakrishna Movement, intimately associated with the lives of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Ma, Swami Vivekananda, and other luminaries of the movement.

As we navigate the vibrant streets, it becomes evident that food is a cornerstone of Kolkata’s cultural identity. Bengali cuisine, a harmonious blend of diverse influences, reflects the cultural amalgamation that the city has experienced over the centuries. Drawing inspiration from English, Portuguese, Armenian, French, Greek, and Chinese cuisines, alongside the culinary practices of Mughals and Pathans, Bengali food has evolved into a melting pot of flavors and traditions.

Our ‘Food Walk’ becomes a sensory journey, unveiling the intricate layers of Kolkata’s gastronomic history and showcasing how the city’s culinary potpourri mirrors its rich cultural tapestry.

Kolkata Food Tour: Get a Taste of Bengali Cuisine 


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