Tourist Spots In Hooghly River

Heritage Tourist Sites Along The Hooghly River

Tourist Spots In Hooghly River

Located just 40 km north of Kolkata, Hooghly district is positioned on the western bank of the Hooghly River, from which it derives its name. This area holds historical significance, with Vasco da Gama, the explorer credited with discovering India, having once landed here. Over the years, it served as a port for various civilizations, including the Mughals and Portuguese, drawing visits from the Dutch, Danish, British, French, Belgians, and Germans. Today, Hooghly district beckons tourists with a wealth of attractions that provide insight into its rich heritage and historical importance. Explore the following to discover the fascinating tourist spots in Hooghly.

  1. Bandel Church
  2. Itachuna Rajbari
  3. Hooghly Imambara
  4. Hangseshwari Temple
  5. Serampore Rajbari
  6. Tarakeshwar Temple
  7. Chandanagar Museum
  8. Chinsurah Dutch Cemetery
  9. Lahiri Baba Ashram
  10. Antpur Radha Govind Ji Temple
  11. Kamarpukur

Best Places to Visit in Hooghly District – West Bengal

Hooghly, a region steeped in history and cultural significance, boasts several captivating attractions for visitors. Explore the charm of Tarakeswar, a bustling municipality renowned for the Taraknath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Adorned with Kali and Lakshmi Narayan shrines nearby, the temple attracts a multitude of devotees every Monday, with the grand ‘Shivaratri’ celebration in the month of Falgun being a major highlight. Just 6 km away, discover the only Buddhist shrine in Tarakeswar.

Delve into the historical ambiance of Bandel, once a crucial port during the Mughal and Portuguese eras. The name “Bandel” itself signifies “port” in Bengali, and today, it is renowned for its church. The present Basilica, constructed in 1660 by Gomez de Soto, replaced the earlier structure razed during the sacking of Hooghly in 1632.

On the banks of the Ganges, the imposing Imambara awaits exploration. Erected in 1861 by Haji Mohammad Mahasin, the two-storied building houses a mosque and a graveyard adorned with Quranic texts. Its proximity to the Hooghly railway station adds to its accessibility and allure.

Journey to Kamarpukur in the Arambag subdivision, the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans. The 1951-built temple dedicated to him draws numerous tourists. Explore the ancestral home of Swami Ramkrishna and visit the Yogi’s Shiva Temple and Raghubir Temple, each rich in history and cultural significance.

For a serene riverside experience, stroll along the Chandannagore Strand, a scenic 1 km stretch along the Ganges. Admire historic buildings lining the banks, and enjoy the view of sailing boats in the distance. This beautifully adorned riverbank is a popular spot for leisurely walks, while a meditation center adds a tranquil touch to the surroundings.

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