Religious Tours in West Bengal

Religious & Pilgrimage tours in West Bengal, India

Explore the rich spiritual tapestry of West Bengal with our specially tailored combination packages. Customize the number of days and costs to suit your preferences. Immerse yourself in the divine energy of the SHAKTI PEETHS and other religious destinations:

  1. KALIGHAT in Kolkata (Toe): Experience the sacred energy at the renowned KALIGHAT, where the divine power resides in the Toe of the Goddess.
  2. TARAPITH in Rampurhat – Birbhum (Eye ball): Journey to TARAPITH, where the divine gaze of the Goddess transforms the spiritual landscape.
  3. BAKRESWAR in Bakreswar – Birbhum (Forehead & Brows): Explore BAKRESWAR, where the divine energy radiates from the Forehead and Brows of the Goddess.
  4. NATALESHWARI in Nalhati – Birbhum (Throat): Discover the divine essence at NATALESHWARI, where the divine power resides in the Throat of the Goddess.
  5. KANKHALESWARI in Bolpur – Birbhum (Waist): Experience the spiritual significance of KANKHALESWARI, where the divine energy encompasses the Waist of the Goddess.
  6. ATTAHAS or MA FULLARA in Katwa – Burdwan (Lips): Witness the divine beauty at ATTAHAS, where the divine power is present in the Lips of the Goddess.
  7. BAHULA in Ketugram – Burdwan (Left arm): Visit BAHULA, where the divine energy flows through the Left Arm of the Goddess.
  8. MA JAHURA in Malda (3 faces of Ma): Experience the unique presence of MA JAHURA, where the Goddess manifests with three faces.
  9. RATNAVALI / VIBASH SHAKTI or ANANDAMAYEE in Khanakul – Hoogly (Right shoulder): Feel the divine energy at RATNAVALI, where the Goddess’s power emanates from the Right Shoulder.
  10. BARGABHIMA or Bhim Kali in Tamluk – East Midnapur (Left ankle): Explore the divine energy at BARGABHIMA, where the left ankle holds spiritual significance.
  11. KIRITESHWARI in Murshidabad (Crown): Witness the divine aura at KIRITESHWARI, where the Goddess’s Crown symbolizes supreme power.
  12. TRISROTA in Falakata Jalpaiguri (Left leg): Embark on a spiritual journey to TRISROTA, where the divine energy flows through the Left Leg of the Goddess.

In addition to the SHAKTI PEETHS, our packages include visits to other religious and pilgrimage destinations:

  • BELUR MATH – Head Quarters of Ramakrishna Mission
  • Buddhist Trail, BANDEL CHURCH in Bandel
  • CHINESE TEMPLE in Kolkata
  • ISCKON TEMPLE in Mayapur
  • JAIN TEMPLE in Kolkata
  • JAIRAMBATI & KAMARPUKUR – Birth Place of Shree Ramakrishna Paramhansa
  • KAPLI MUNI’S ASRAM in Gangasagar
  • LOKENATH TEMPLE in Chakla / Teghoria
  • RAM MANDIR in Kolkata
  • St. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL in Kolkata

Discover the divine essence of West Bengal with our meticulously crafted pilgrimage packages.

Immersed in a rich tapestry of cultural hues, West Bengal stands as a testament to religious diversity. This eastern Indian state warmly embraces a multitude of faiths, hosting sacred shrines spanning the spectrum of significant religions. While it is commonly associated with the worship of Goddess Kali/Durga, West Bengal extends a hospitable embrace to people of all faiths seeking pilgrimage.

As one of the four Adi Shaktipeethas and home to several of the 52 Shaktipeethas, West Bengal boasts essential Hindu temples such as Bardhaman, Bahula, Ujaani, Bhramari Devi, Yoga Adya at Khirgram, Kalighat Kalipeeth in Kolkata, Kireet at Kireetkona village, Kankalitala in Birbhum district, Vibhash at Tamluk, and Tarapith. The iconic Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, along with Belur Math and Hangseswari Temple, further enrich the state’s spiritual landscape. The inclusive spirit of West Bengal is evident in the harmonious coexistence of Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Jain pilgrimage destinations include the Pakbirra Jain Temple in Purulia, Calcutta Jain Temple in Kolkata, and Shree Digambar Jain Parshwanath Temple in Belgachia. Muslim pilgrims can seek blessings at the Nizamat Imambara and Katra Mosque in Murshidabad, Furfura Sharif in Hooghly district, and Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque in Kolkata. Buddhism flourishes in the hilly regions of West Bengal, particularly in Darjeeling. Notable Buddhist monasteries such as Ghoom Monastery, Bhutia Busty Monastery, Mag-Dhog Yolmowa Monastery, Tharpa Choling Monastery, and Zang Dhok Palri Phodang attract pilgrims from across the region.

West Bengal’s religious diversity extends to Christianity and Sikhism, making it an ideal pilgrimage destination for followers of major religions. Sikh shrines include Gurudwara Bari Sangat in Kolkata, Gurudwara Chhoti Sangat, Gurudwara Nima Serai Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur, Gurudwara Sikh Sangat, and Gurudwara Liluah Belur Sikh Sangat in Liluah. Additionally, several churches like the Basilica of the Holy Rosary in Bandel, St. John’s Church, St. Jame’s Church (Jora Girja), St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Church of the Lord Jesus offer pilgrimage opportunities for Christian devotees in West Bengal.


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