Nayachar Eco Village Day Trip

Day Trip To Nayachar, Katwa, Burdwan

Noachar Wildlife Tour, dolphin safari West Bengal Eco Resort, Nayachar Eco village · Ryask Tourism At Nayachar Wildlife photography tour. West Bengal Firts Dolphin Safari, Katwa Nayachar Nestled on the outskirts of Bardhaman, the Nayachar Eco Village stands as a secluded treasure committed to the preservation of nature. Its grounds showcase a vibrant array of plant and animal life, encompassing fishing cats, jackals, various fish species, migratory birds, and elusive rare plants, Gangestic Dolphin, Sweet Water crocodile.

exciting day trip to Nayachar, a charming river island located 20km away, offering an ideal setting for bird watching. Alternatively, head to Kalyanpur Ghat to catch a glimpse of Gangetic River Dolphins or Shushuk. History enthusiasts can explore Katwa, starting with a visit to the 18th-century Shah Alam’s Dargah, a splendid example of Islamic architecture. Continue your journey to Madhaitala Ashram to delve into the teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Conclude your exploration with a visit to the Attahas Temple, renowned as one of the Shakti Peethas.

A village called Nayachar near Katwa is home to various types of animals and birds, in the water you will find Gangetic river dolphins, turtles, yellow monitor lizards, and in the lamps you will find many types of migratory birds such as eye-catchers, small petin-collars, many species of ducks. to match We have our own cottage and boat

Day Trip To Nayachar, Katwa, Burdwan

nayachar, Katwa day visit – One Day Tour To Nayachar, Katwa

Tour Itinerary –

10:00 am: welcome drinks
10:30 am: tea, biscuits
11:30 am: boating
01:00 am: return to camp area
02:00 pm: lunch
03:30 pm: boating till 4:30pm
04:45 pm: tea
05:00 pm: start for kolkata

Lunch: rice, dal, fry, mixed veg, fish curry, mutton curry, sweet

1.The minimum group of 05 is mandatory for the day visit.
2. One complimentary room for the group of above 10 pax

Day Trip To Nayachar, Katwa, Burdwan


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