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Kolkata Christmas and New Year Tour Packages

Prepare to be enchanted by the Christmas celebrations in Kolkata, a city already renowned for its grand Durga Puja festivities. Often called the “City of Joy,” Kolkata’s love for festivals is boundless, and the Christmas season is no exception. The Park Street Christmas celebration, in particular, is a story worth discovering. Kolkata Christmas Festival

At this time of year, the city transforms itself with a dazzling array of colorful lights and decorations. While Santa Claus may not personally visit, the entire city unites on the streets to bid farewell to the outgoing year. The mild winter climate provides the ideal setting to embrace the festive spirit and reflect on the city’s historical influences, including traces of its colonial past. Whether you have deep ties to Kolkata or are merely visiting during Christmas, this guide will be your ultimate companion. so visit Kolkata Christmas Festival.

Kolkata enthusiastically celebrates Christmas, known as “Boro Din” or the Big Day, akin to the fervor of Durga Puja. The city transforms with Christmas bazaars, pre-Independence era bakeries offering delectable treats, and a vibrant Christmas Carnival featuring dazzling lights and beautifully adorned churches. The festive spirit in the City of Joy is truly remarkable during the holiday season.

Christmas Tour in Kolkata – A Guide To Christmas In Kolkata

Kolkata Christmas Festival 2024 – Events & Festivals

St. Paul’s Cathedral –

Kolkata Christmas and New Year Packages

Kolkata still reverberates with echoes of its colonial history, preserving unmistakable remnants that transport you to a bygone era. One cannot escape the presence of various churches, big and small, scattered throughout the city, which come to life with a mesmerizing display of lights and decorations during the festive season of Christmas. This enchanting transformation draws an immense crowd of visitors, making it a challenge to secure a seat, but the experience is undeniably rewarding, thanks to the splendid festive ambiance. Kolkata Christmas Festival

Among these churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral stands as the most renowned and cherished destination to explore during the Christmas season in Kolkata.

Christmas 2024 From Park Street To Bow Barracks

Tour To Bow Barracks

Kolkata Christmas and New Year Packages

Formerly a military barracks, this colony has transformed into a cluster of charming red brick structures. While many of its Anglo-Indian residents have moved away, the Christmas cheer remains as vibrant as ever. This enclave stands as Kolkata’s exclusive hub for open-air dance parties during the festive season, providing a glimpse of the Goan Christmas tradition. If you’d rather not join in the merriment, a leisurely stroll through this neighborhood will still envelop you in the delightful holiday ambiance.Kolkata Christmas Festival

Christmas Events & Parties in Kolkata

Attend Christmas Parties –

Kolkata Christmas and New Year Packages

Kolkata comes alive with festive Christmas celebrations at various venues, ranging from esteemed clubs like the Bengal Club, the Calcutta Club, and the Tollygunge Club, to bars, restaurants, and resorts. Whether you prefer to stay indoors or venture out into the bustling streets, you can always secure passes to one of the many Christmas parties happening in the city.Kolkata Christmas Festival

The Park Street Christmas Festival

Walking Tour Around Park Street

Kolkata Christmas and New Year Packages

The Kolkata Christmas Festival also known as the Park Street Festival is back 

For an unparalleled Christmas experience, Park Street is an absolute must-visit destination. It offers a delightful array of culinary delights and refreshing beverages, combined with captivating lighting, decorations, and a festive atmosphere that adds to the city’s cherished cultural heritage. It’s worth noting, though, that you can expect to encounter substantial crowds and the lively, bustling energy of the holiday season, making it seem as if people from all over the world have converged here. So, prepare yourself for the cheerful crowds and the vibrant holiday frenzy.Kolkata Christmas Festival

Christmas Carnival Celebration In Kolkata Park Street 2024

The Kolkata Christmas Festival, an annual event on Park Street, is one of India’s largest Christmas carnivals. It features performances by bands and choirs at Allen Park, including a two-hour Christmas Parade with 500 school children. Opening day highlights include the Loreto Sisters Choir, Methodist Church Choir, and Church of North India Choir, followed by live music. The festival, running until December 30 (excluding December 24 and 25), offers daily live performances at Allen Park from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Those unable to attend can watch on Facebook. The event includes addresses by notable figures like Michael Shane Calvert and Most Reverend Thomas D’Souza, along with the Chief Minister’s address and live music from Kolkata Police band.

Kolkata Christmas Festival 2024 schedule

The Kolkata Christmas Festival 2023 will be celebrated in two parts.

Allen Park Festival24th December 2024 – 1st January 2024
Park Street Festival26th – 31st December 2024

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Experience the magic of the holiday season with our exclusive Christmas and New Year tour packages from Kolkata. Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata on a memorable journey to some of the most enchanting destinations, whether you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland in the snowy mountains, a sun-soaked beach getaway, or a cultural adventure in vibrant cities. Our expertly crafted packages include accommodation, transportation, and exciting activities, ensuring a hassle-free and festive travel experience. Celebrate the joy of Christmas and ring in the New Year in style while exploring new horizons. Make this holiday season unforgettable with our Kolkata-based tour packages.

Celebrate Christmas In Kolkata Style With This Ultimate Guide

Discover India like never before with these fantastic holiday packages departing from Kolkata. Explore stunning destinations and savor a serene vacation in Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata .

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

Christmas and New Year Tour Packages From Kolkata

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