Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary 

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Nestled within the picturesque landscape of West Kameng District, Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary stands as a haven for bird enthusiasts in Arunachal Pradesh. Covering a vast expanse of 218 square kilometers, this sanctuary boasts an impressive array of avian life, with more than 400 bird species gracing its diverse ecosystems. Among its feathered inhabitants are four distinct Hornbill varieties, three species of Tragopans, and six unique Parrotbill species. In addition to its avian treasures, the sanctuary provides a secure refuge for 15 mammal species, with the majestic tiger reigning as a prominent resident.

Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary spans elevations ranging from 500 to 3500 meters, crafting a breathtaking panorama adorned with towering hills, idyllic valleys, and the meandering Kameng River, all contributing to its irresistible charm. Situated in close proximity to the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary in the northeast and the Pakhui Tiger Reserve to the east, it forms an idyllic destination for avid birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The sanctuary’s diverse ecosystem is home to an estimated 454 bird species, 34 amphibian species, 24 snake species, 7 lizard species, and 165 butterfly species.

Prominent avian residents within this sanctuary encompass Old World flycatchers, hornbills, warblers, and thrushes. Amidst this natural sanctuary, one can also chance upon rare and endangered mammal species, including the capped langur, Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, red panda, Asiatic black bear, as well as the vulnerable Arunachal macaque and gaur. The sanctuary’s rich butterfly population further enhances its allure, with notable sightings including the Bhutan glory, grey admiral, scarce red-forester, dusky labyrinth, tigerbrown, jungle-queen sp, white-edged bush-brown, and white owl.

Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh

How to Reach

For Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary, first reach Dirang, which is around 30 kms away. The place is well- connected through Arunachal Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus services with Bhalukpong, Tezpur, Seppa, Nagaon, Itanagar, Guwahati and Shillong. Another way to reach is via Bomdila. One can find cabs on hire for reaching the sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary is during the cooler months of November to February. One might also be able to spot migratory birds here during this period.

Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh

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