School / College Educational Tour Kolkata

School / College Excursion Tours From Kolkata

Educational tours and excursions are integral to the complete school and college experience, offering students a chance to broaden their horizons and explore the multicultural world. These thoughtfully planned trips to strategically and historically significant places go beyond textbooks, fostering a mindset that thinks outside the box. Safety is a top priority, ensuring a secure environment for students to learn and have fun.

Institutes like Ryask Tourism organize excursions to promote outdoor learning and instill an appreciation for the wonders of the earth and diverse cultural systems. These trips break the monotony of daily routines, providing an opportunity for students to bond with each other. Ryask Tourism specializes in various tours, including educational, adventure, entertainment, and nature study. Accommodations in tents or cottages add an eco-friendly touch, offering students a chance to connect with nature amidst hills, rivers, and wildlife.

The excursions provide hands-on learning experiences and valuable life lessons in a relatively short time. Ryask Tourism ensures 24/7 assistance, excellent food, and reliable transportation. Their tailor-made itineraries cater specifically to school and college needs, promising a delightful and well-organized excursion experience.

School / College Educational Tour Kolkata

Excursions conducted by Ryask Tourism Kolkata


  • Experience guides and staff
  • Trek Guide / Local Guide and Porters
  • Home cooked Indian cuisine
  • Movie / Film shows (Optional)
  • Sky Watching
  • Environmental education, classes, discussions
  • Birds watching
  • Trail walk
  • Trekking
  • Orchard Trek
  • Visit to watchtower
  • Sight Seeing
  • Tribal dance (Optional)
  • Adventure activities
  • Quiz Competition
  • Dumb Charades Competition
  • Passing the Parcel
  • Antakshari, JAM, Dumb Charades or similar group activities
  • Drawing & Hobbies Camp (Optional)
  • Traversing & River crossing
  • Purified water


  • Hotels, Resort, Tented or Cottage accommodation 
  • Free accommodation for Teachers i.e.  01 for 15 Students
  • Minimum 20 members
  • Preference School / College groups
  • Course Minimum – 02 Nights & 04 Days to 06 Nights & 07 Days
  • All food and meals during the stay
  • Safety & Security

Do & Don’ts

  • Do not carry Cell phones (Except Teachers)
  • Do not carry valuables or cash
  • Stay within the campus unless taken out
  • Inform guides / attendants in for help
  • Our guide and staff  are trained
  • Do not bring any radio or audio system
  • Playing music strictly forbidden
  • Do not bring bright colored clothes
  • Bring your home contact number and address
  • Bring lock & key to keep 
  • Try to ask as many questions as you can
  • Do not litter plastic, paper, cellophane, etc
  • Keep the Camp clean

Educational excursions can be a powerful tool to stimulate curiosity, foster a love for learning, and encourage students to appreciate the diversity of our world. It’s great to see that Ryask Tourism has been actively involved in this for about two decades. The impact of these experiences on the youth can be long-lasting, influencing their attitudes towards travel, culture, and education.

If there’s any specific information or assistance you’re looking for regarding Ryask Tourism’s educational initiatives or any related topic, feel free to let me know!