Ghat’s Of Kolkata – Heritage Cruise Ride & Walking Tour

Ghats of NORTH Kolkata – Ganga Ghats of Old NORTH Calcutta / Kolkata Guided WALKING Tour

The Hooghly River, a revered tributary of the sacred Ganges, holds a timeless connection with the vibrant city of Kolkata, often called the City of Joy. Embedded with spiritual significance, the Hooghly has been worshipped by generations of West Bengal residents. Its importance transcends religious reverence, as it has been a pivotal artery for commerce and defense throughout history, attracting the attention of Mughal, Portuguese, and British powers who recognized and exploited its strategic value. The bustling trade facilitated by the Hooghly propelled Kolkata to the status of India’s capital at one juncture. Amidst this historical tapestry, the Ghats of Kolkata stand as silent witnesses. These Ghats, though sometimes overlooked in popular discourse, embody a rich heritage that warrants exploration, offering glimpses into the city’s past.

The term “ghat” denotes the steps constructed along a riverbank, facilitating easy access between land and water. For centuries, these Ghats have served as vital hubs for everyday activities, from bathing and fetching water to religious rituals and transportation. While their practical significance has diminished over time, there remains a deep-seated emotional attachment to these sites in Kolkata. Despite the waning relevance of Ghats in modern times, they continue to draw visitors and locals alike, serving as poignant reminders of Kolkata’s enduring connection to the Hooghly. Thus, the story of these iconic Ghats of Kolkata unfolds, embodying a blend of history, culture, and spirituality along the river’s edge. the significance of various Ghats lining the Hooghly River, such as Chandpal Ghat, Princep Ghat, Babu Ghat, Armenian Ghat, Mullick Ghat, Jagannath Ghat, Adyo Shraddho Ghat, Gandhi Ghat, Nimtala Mahashamshan Ghat, Boothnaath Ghat, Manick Bose’r Ghat, Ahiritola Ghat, Benetola Ghat, Sovabazar Ghat, Champatala Ghat, Kumartuli Ghat, Manindra Ghat, Promoda Sundari Ghat (Kolkata Heritage), Indira Ghat, Cossipore old ghat, Ratan Babur Ghat, Satidaha Ghat, Kuthi Ghat, and Rajar Ghat.

Heritage Guided Cruise Tour of Kolkata Ganges Ghats – NORTH CALCUTTA

Explore two iconic religious institutions, Belur Math and Dakshineshwar Temple, gaining insights into their historical and cultural significance. Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the New Hooghly Bridge (Vidyasagar Setu) and the historical Howrah Bridge (Vivekananda Setu), while learning about their composition and historical significance. Throughout the cruise, enjoy a captivating commentary over speakers, providing information about the prominent landmarks along the route. Immerse yourself in the local culture as Baul folk musicians entertain you at intervals. The day concludes with a mesmerizing Ganga Aarti ceremony as you disembark in the evening. The Hooghly River has long been Kolkata’s lifeline, connecting the city to the world and shaping its culture. Once boasting over a hundred ghats built by zamindars and rulers, only 42 remain active today. These ghats serve various purposes, from bathing and religious events to loading and unloading goods. The stretch from Prinsep Ghat to Chandpal Ghat, spanning just two kilometers, offers a captivating journey along the riverfront. Amidst iconic landmarks and bustling activities, it provides a unique perspective on Kolkata’s rich heritage, featuring chai stalls, shrines, and the vibrant scenes of daily life.

Heritage & Historical Guided Cruise Tour of Kolkata Ganges
  • Tour Terms & Condition
  • Fixed Departure- Saturdays & Sundays 
  • Reporting Place- Chandpaul Ghat Jetty No.3
  • Reporting Time- 2.30 pm.
  • Group Booking- Any Day Of Week, Minimum of 20 Pax Price Payable.
  • Boarding Time: 3 pm.
  • Disembark Time: 8 pm.
  • Cost Per Head– Ganga/Ganges Premium Heritage & Historical Cruise In Kolkata 
  • 2000/- + GST 5% For Adults and Child Above 8Yrs.
  • 1000/- + GST 5% For Child 4yrs To 8Yrs.
  • Total Capacity- 30 person
  • Cancellation Policy
  • More Than 30 Days Before Day of Departure- Full Refund.
  • 15 to 7 days Refund – 50% 
  • Less Than 7 days- No Refund.

Food Menu

  • Welcome Drinks on Boarding.
  • Hot Corner- Tea/Cofee
  • Cold Juicy Corner- Mango/Orange
  • Street Food Delight- 
  • Live Counter Phuchka/Golgappa with Khatta Meetha Pani.
  • Jhalmuri/Masala Muri in Paper Pouches/Thonga.
  • Dahi Bada
  • Chicken & Veg Pakoda.
  • Pao Bhaji.
  • Chicken/Veg Momos With Soups.
  • Bengali Sweets & Rasgulla.
  • Tea & Coffee.

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