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Kolkata walking tour / Calcutta walking tour starting at the General Post Office, delving into the city’s rich history. Explore the former site of Old Fort William, where the 1756 conquest by Siraj-Ud-Daulah unfolded, including the intriguing tale of the “Black Hole.” Learn about Kolkata’s transformation from hamlets to a cultural hub, spanning Dalhousie Square. Discover colonial remnants, from conquest memorials to architectural marvels. This guided stroll offers captivating narratives of British presence in India and the rise of Calcutta as the “Second City of the Empire.” Traverse through colonial heritage sites like the Lalit Great Eastern, witnessing the glory and ruins of bygone eras. The tour extends to Babu culture landmarks, such as the Marble Palace and Jorasanko Thakur Bari, and explores diverse quarters like Bow Barracks, showcasing a vibrant blend of cultures. Experience the sensory delights of local cuisine and markets, Kolkata guided tours in the heart of Kolkata. We offering Heritage walk Kolkata, Kolkata cultural tour, Street food tours Kolkata,Kolkata historical walks, Calcutta city tours, Discover Kolkata on foot, Kolkata walking tour companies, Personalized Kolkata tours, Kolkata tourism walking, Guided walks in Calcutta, Custom Kolkata walking tours, Explore Calcutta by foot, Old Kolkata walking tour, Kolkata architecture tour, Kolkata photography walk, Kolkata local experience, Hidden gems of Kolkata tour, Kolkata travel guide walking. kolkata night walk

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The Kolkata Walk Tour Features: Explore Kolkata walking

  • Walk Tour Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • Walking Distance: 2.5 Kms Approx
  • Walk Tour Starts (Morning): 8 Am (From Kolkata GPO / Grand Hotel)
  • Walk Tour Starts (Evening): 3 Pm (From Kolkata GPO / Grand Hotel)
  • Tour Storyteller: Yes
  • Refreshments: Packed Drinking Water + Tea

Best Walking Tour In Calcutta- Explore Kolkata Like A Local

Kolkata’s Allure Emanates From The Warmth Of Its Inhabitants, Delectable Street Food, And The Colonial Structures Harking Back To The British Era. Regarded As The True Cultural Capital Of India, The City Seamlessly Transports You To A Bygone Era With Its Splendid Colonial Architecture Scattered Across Its Various Precincts. Born From The Amalgamation Of Three Villages Along The Banks Of The Mighty Hoogly River, Kolkata Stands As A Bustling Metropolis Where Diversity Is Not Just Celebrated But Ingrained In Its Very Philosophy. Formerly The Capital Of The British Empire In India Until 1911, Kolkata Is Renowned For Its Trade, Majestic Architecture, And A Rich Multicultural Heritage Kolkata sightseeing walking That Captivates Every Visitor.Guided walking tours Kolkata.

Kolkata Walking Tour

Kolkata: A Walking And Culture Tour Of India’s City Of Joy – Best calcutta walking tours

Heritage walk Kolkata, A Captivating Journey That Unveils The Architectural Splendors Of Calcutta’s Rich Heritage. This Immersive Experience Offers Two Distinctive Tours, Each Providing A Unique Perspective On The City’s Evolution. The First Is The Heritage Walk Of Dalhousie Square, A Two-Kilometer Expedition Lasting Two Hours. Explore The Historic Heart Of The City, Where It All Began, With Notable Landmarks Such As The Writers Building, The Newly Refurbished Town Hall, The Serene St John’s Churchyard, And The Iconic Metcalfe Hall. The Second Option Is The North Calcutta Walking Tour, Guiding Participants Through The Winding Lanes And Secret Courtyards Of The Traditional Neighborhoods. Delve Into The History Of This 300-Year-Old City, Visiting Merchant Houses And Noble Residences. Highlights Of This Tour Include The House Of Rabindranath Tagore And The Opulent Marble Palace, Concluding With A Delightful Coffee Session At The Renowned Coffee House.Kolkata heritage walks with Local Kolkata tour guide

full-day exploration of Kolkata, guided by a local expert, to uncover the essence of the City of Joy. The journey kicks off at the Mausoleum of Job Charnock, Kolkata’s founding figure, before delving into landmarks like St. John’s Church, the iconic Writers’ Building, the grand Governor’s House, Shahid Minar, and the legendary Victoria Memorial. As the experience draws to a close, enjoy a brief cruise along the River Ganges, adding a serene touch to your adventure. In the heart of Kolkata lies the vision of the British Empire’s aspirations, where they aimed to erect ‘the second city of the Empire.’ This tour offers a glimpse into the architectural marvels that encapsulate this colonial legacy. With ongoing efforts to restore and enhance this historical gem, indulge in a captivating journey through the ‘European’ quarters of Kolkata, once the proud capital of British India.

Renowned as one of our most sought-after tours, it promises an immersive introduction to British Calcutta, offering insights into the meticulous craftsmanship behind the Colonial Capital’s creation. Get ready to immerse yourself in the allure of the Raj era and witness the splendid tapestry of history and architecture come to life before your eyes.

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