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Discover Kolkata’s rich history and vibrant culture with our hassle-free city tours! From iconic landmarks like Victoria Memorial to bustling New Market, immerse yourself in the city’s colonial charm. Experience Durga Puja’s grand celebration and tranquility at Mother House. With expert guides, explore heritage walks, boat rides on the Hooghly River, and more. Private car services ensure a seamless experience. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Kolkata and beyond! contact our Kolkata tourist information center.

Our Foreign tourist office Kolkata Tourist-Friendly Tours Unveil The City’s British Colonial History, Cultural Gems, And Architectural Wonders. Expert Female Guides Share Intriguing Insights On Food, Culture, And More, Offering Options Like Half-Day/Full-Day Tours, Private Tours, Walking Tours, And Even Adventures To Sunderban Jungle And Gangasagar Pilgrimage. Explore World-Famous Museums And Receive Post-Tour Recommendations For The Best Bars And Restaurants. Extend Your Adventure With Our Tour Packages Across India For A Seamless And Memorable Experience. Join Us For An Unforgettable Exploration Of Kolkata And Beyond, Creating Lasting Memories Of Your Indian Journey. Explore Kolkata (Calcutta) The Way You Want To With Your Own Govt / Private Female Tour Guide.Kolkata Heritage Photo Walks & City Tours Conducted  will help U see Kolkata in a New Light. Take Home Amazing Photos as Digital Souvenir!

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Tips for Foreign Tourists:

  1. Currency Exchange: Exchange currency at authorized exchange counters or banks for the best rates.
  2. Language: English is widely spoken and understood in Kolkata, making communication relatively easy for foreign tourists.
  3. Transportation: Utilize metered taxis, app-based cabs like Uber or Ola, and the efficient metro rail network to navigate the city.
  4. Safety: Exercise caution while exploring crowded areas and avoid venturing into isolated areas alone, especially at night.
  5. Local Etiquette: Respect local customs and traditions, and dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites.

Foreign tourist information For  Kolkata City Tour

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Kolkata / Calcutta Tourist Guide Service Team Of Govt Approved / Private Tour Guides In Kolkata And The Surrounding Region Possesses Extensive Knowledge About The Area. They Are Proficient In Both Local English And Various Other Languages, Dedicated To Enriching Your Understanding Of The Local People, Culture, Traditions, And History During Your Visit. With A Tour Guide Accompanying You, Your Journey Through Kolkata Will Be Seamless And Enriching, Ensuring You Encounter No Issues With Locals.Calcutta Walks is the one to employ, to better connect with the City of Joy. The only walking tour and special interest tour operator of the city that is active 24 x 7 x 365.mmerse in Calcutta like a local and not just a tourist with our walking tours. Join us on the Alleyway Food Tour to try 7 different variants of iconic street food from old calcutta. Your Personal Kolkata / Calcutta Tourist Guide Service In Kolkata Will Provide Valuable Insights About The Region And Share Captivating Information And Experiences With You. Explore The Local Landmarks And Attractions, Immerse Yourself In The Region’s Wildlife And Nature, And Ask Your Guide To Unveil Hidden Gems Known Only To The Locals. This Unique Perspective Will Elevate Your Travel Experience Beyond The Typical Tourist Visit. Book Kolklata Tour Guide Now.

Before Setting Out On Your Journey To Kolkata, Make Sure You Have An Adequate Supply Of Indian Rupees On Hand For Purchasing Souvenirs Or Tipping Your Tour Guide. This Preparation Will Guarantee A Hassle-Free And Memorable Experience With Kolkata / Calcutta Tourist Guide Service.Durga Puja Walking Tour Like a Local with Calcutta’s best Walking Tour company

Foreign tourist information For  Kolkata City Tour

“Kolkata is truly a city of cross-cultural splendors. On a walking tour this morning with Calcutta Walks, I saw the depth of the city’s history of harmony and visited diverse places of worship. The coexistence of these institutions reflects Kolkata’s religious tolerance and plurality.” – U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti

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