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Purulia Tour 3 Night 4 Days

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Purulia Tour 3 Night 4 Days Itinerary

Tour Itinerary  – 3 Night 4 Days 

1ST Day –Pickup from Kolkata. Transfer To Hotel / Home Stay. Traditional Welcome Drink. After Visit Ghagkocha Falls. Back To Hotel / Home Stay For Lunch. After Lunch Visit Khairabera Lake And Return Via Charida Village. (Famous At For Chow Mask). Evening Enjoy A Spectacular Chou Dance Or Santhali (Saontali) Dance Show At Village (If Available)

2nd Day – After Breakfast Visit Turga Falls, Bamni Falls, Tarpaniya Lake, Saotal Village. After Lunch Visit Lower Dam, Upper Dam, Loharia Shiv Mandir, Hill Top (Sita Kndu), Mayur Pahar. Evening Free For Local Interaction. Enjoy Brief History Of Purulia (Both Historical & Mythological). Dinner & Night Stay.

3rd Day –Enjoy At Kuku Buru Hill Visit Or Dowri Khal Visit.After Lunch Visit Matha Pahar, Pakhi Pahar, Visit Rakab Jungle, Digardih Village ( Shellac Handicraft Centre). Dinner & Stay. 

4th Day – After Breakfast Proceed for Garpanchakot & return to Kolkata.

Purulia Tourism

Purulia | Best Time to Visit | Top Things to Do | Book Your Trip

When planning your visit to Ayodhya Hills in Purulia, there are several natural attractions and cultural experiences you should not miss. Here’s a summary of the must-see places and activities in the region:

Waterfalls, Lakes & Dams:

Bamni Falls: This beautiful waterfall leads to a lake and is located at 434 meters above sea level. The descent involves approximately 800 rough steps, making it an adventurous trek.

The Turga Dam and The Turga Falls: Located at 284 meters above sea level, this spot offers picturesque views, ideal for photography.

Khairaberia Dam: This irrigation dam is situated at the foot of Chemto and Barra Hills. It’s particularly stunning during spring when the red Palash flowers bloom.

  • Tarapaniya Lake
  • Ghagkocha Falls
  • Brahmani Falls
  • Muruguma Dam
  • Paprakocha Dam
  • Machkanda Falls

Other Lakes and Falls to Explore:

Nearby Hills & Tribal Villages: Purulia is not only lush with greenery but also hosts several colorful flowers. It’s home to tribes like the Santhals, Kumars, Mahatos, Kalindis, and Sahish. Explore their hometown and the surrounding hills and villages:

Mayur Hills: Located at 605 meters above sea level, this hill offers panoramic views of Ayodhya Hills. Stay to witness the sunset and the transformation into a romantic moonlit night.

Pakhi Pahar: Also known as Murra Buru hill, this spot is famous for its rock paintings of birds and the presence of peacocks, deer, leopards, and boars.

Charida Village: Known for the Chau dance performed by tribal communities and the craftsmanship of Chhau masks. You can even purchase these masks as souvenirs.

Bagmundi: Located at 264 meters above sea level, this town offers views of lush forests, waterfalls, and historical sites.

You can also consider a short trip to Dalma Pahar and Chamtaburu Hill.

Must-Visit Spots in Ayodhya Hills: While in Ayodhya Hills, make sure not to miss these attractions:

The Sita Kunda: A mythological spring created by Lord Ram to quench Sita’s thirst, with a beautiful legend associated with it.

Gorshabru: The highest peak in Ayodhya Hills, offering stunning views of the surrounding forests, waterfalls, and tribal villages.

Upper & Lower Ayodhya Dam: Part of the Purulia Pumped Storage Project, these dams are essential for hydroelectricity generation.

Besides sightseeing, Purulia offers opportunities for rock climbing, trekking, and hiking, catering to adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers.

How to Travel to Ayodhya Hills from Kolkata:

You have three travel options from Kolkata to Purulia:

Train: Take a train from Howrah Station to Barabhum Station, and from there, it’s a 40-minute journey to Bagmundi, which is close to Ayodhya Hills.

Bus: You can travel by bus from Shahid Minar in Esplanade to Purulia, covering a distance of 303.2 kilometers.

Car: If you enjoy driving, taking your own vehicle is an excellent choice. Follow State Highway 5, passing through Kharagpur and Balarampur, or consider a route via Durgapur.

Best Time to Visit Purulia: The ideal time to visit Purulia is typically between September and March. However, two specific options to consider are:

Early October: Just after the monsoon, the landscape is green, and the Kash Phool flowers are in bloom. The weather is cool and pleasant.

February-March: Springtime when Palash flowers create a vibrant red carpet over the green surroundings. The skies are clear, and the air is chilly as winter transitions to spring.

Purulia Tourist Map

Purulia Tourist Map