Patal Ghar – Hobbit Stay, Hobbit Camp At Purulia


That Bilbo Frodo decorated hobbit_village | A piece of fairy tale is now in our #Purulia In Bengali we can say Patalghar, so the property is named as #Patalghar That much desired accommodation is in our beloved Bengal, This is East India’s first state-of-the-art luxury accommodation that is completely eco-friendly A room that will be a little warm during the cold and cool in the summer A covering of earth on the head The use of air conditioners to escape from the heat, which disrupts the balance of the environment, is just an alternative.Come or explore a little with something new The experience of being empty is not that surprising The location where you stay is also very charming Kukuburu Hill is just behind where you will be staying If you go a little head forest In front of the horizon is the Ayodhya Valley, and in the distance the mountains of Ayodhya, An hour’s jungle trek will reach Daori Nala, where there are crocodiles Trekking through the forest behind the Kukuburu Hills leads to the Ahalkanali Meditation Point A place where thrill is at every step Come to the underground house right next to the jungle, mountains, tribal village – childhood fairy tales will tell the story from ear to ear. Enjoy your childhood with children. Oh, and one more thing, in addition to the hobbit room, there are hobbit tents. You can also taste it at low cost.

Patalghar guarantees that these two days will bring a happy memory in your life. You will also have a certificate with the presence of an experienced adventurer/expedition story and his/her signature. And yes, men/women of any age and physical ability can join this adventure festival. Mountains, forests, caves, fountains, and beautiful night’s melding memories, come without too much delay to decorate the memory of the fairy tale Bilbo Frodo Hobbit Gram.

What other hot experiences can you do from here.

1) Dauri Nala Trek… Just one and a half hours to and fro.

2) Meditation point…small hidden ear only three minutes.

3) Night trek… big hidden Kanali… only ten minutes ( *must see the movement of Tagore Babaji)

4) Drop fishing in camp pond.

5) Burma Bridge and Net Climb in the morning and afternoon with the kids.

6) Campfire burning wood in the middle of the forest and saving the forest cannot be done at the same time. Don’t come, in the afternoon collect the dry leaves of the front forest with your own hands (of course with our cooperation) and taste the real campfire.


There are a total of 7 hobbit houses and 15 hobbit tents In all, 50-60 guests can stay comfortably Hobbit houses have shared bathrooms and common bathrooms outside for tents

Hobbit Room Tariff:

Double Sharing – 2500/ per Room per day with complimentary breakfast

Triple Sharing – 2700/ per Room per day with complimentary breakfast sharing same bed.

Extra Cot 500/Cot per day with complimentary breakfast

Hobbit Tent tariff:

Double Sharing 1250/ per Tent per day with complimentary breakfast

Triple Sharing 1500/ per Tent per day with complimentary breakfast

  • Check in 9 a.m
  • Check out 8 a.m

breakfast Food Cost: 850/Head

(Non-Spicy Homely Cooked Food):

Welcome Drinks Lunch (Sharp within 1 – 2.30 PM):

(Thali Provided in Buffet Arrangement, Self Serving) Rice Dal Salad Bhaja Sabji Fish Curry(1 pc) Egg Curry (1 pc) Chicken Curry (Unlimited) Chatni Papad Ice cream

Afternoon Snacks(Sharp within 4 – 5.30 PM):: Tea, Biscuits

Evening Snacks (Sharp within 6 – 7.30 PM):: Veg Soup and veg/onion pakoda or Chicken Pakoda and Puffed Rice

Buffet Dinner (Sharp within 9 – 11 PM): (Fully Buffet, Self Serve, Menu will be on Cook Choice) Rice Ruti Paratha Sabji Chicken Kasha Or Jeera Rice/Fried Rice Chili Chicken Pasta Morning Tea, Biscuits Buffet Breakfast: Luchi, Sabji/Cholar Dal, Alur dom, Boiled Egg(fixed 1 pc), Jilapi ( fixed 2 pcs)

How To Reach Patal Ghar – hello Hobbits: By Train reach at Purulia Station or barabhum Station. take trekker or Bus towards Bagmundi and Drop at Duarsini More. Toto can be arranged. if you come by Bus drop at Duarsini More just after Matha Forest. Toto can be arranged.


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