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Holi, Renowned As The Festival Of Colors, Stands As One Of India’s Most Cherished Celebrations. Marking The Advent Of Spring And The Triumph Of Good Over Evil, This Vibrant Occasion Brings Together People Of All Ages In A Jubilant Display Of Unity. Participants Engage In Lively Activities, Playing With Vivid Colored Powders, Partaking In Water Fights, Savoring Festive Sweets, And Dancing To The Tunes Of Traditional Folk Music. Holi Is More Than A Mere Festival; It Is A Manifestation Of Life, Love, And The Enduring Spirit Of The Indian People. Year After Year, Holi Graces The Day Of The Full Moon In The Month Of March, Commencing With Holika Dahan Or Chhoti Holi On The Eve Of Purnima In The Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar’s Phalguna Month. Embracing The Essence Of Togetherness, Renewal, And Joy, Holi Provides A Festive Platform To Reconnect With Loved Ones, Revel In The Play Of Colors, Indulge In A Delectable Feast, And Embark On A Fresh Beginning. Join Us In Celebrating Holi – A Kaleidoscope Of Colors And City Of Joy “Kolkata’. We know you cherish spending your special moments of Holi Basanta Utsav Dol with your family and friends (as usual!). But how about shaking things up this year and changing the venue and location? Imagine traveling to Kolkata, a city with a unique ambiance and zest, to experience their distinct way of celebrating this festival. You’re sure to relish the amazing feeling of enjoying the same festivities with your favorite people but in a different setting. And Kolkata offers some truly astounding Holi Basanta Utsav Dol celebration destinations that are worth exploring.

Kolkata, known for its warmth, embraces all and sundry, making everyone feel at home. Every festival is celebrated here with unparalleled zeal. While Holi Basanta Utsav Dol revolves around Sri Radhika and Sri Krishna from a religious and mythological perspective, in Kolkata, the spirit of colors embodies the essence of harmony – of unity in diversity. As you travel to the city, you’ll be greeted by mesmerizing views that sing the Spring saga – trees adorned with Gulmohar and Palaash flowers, creating a fiery backdrop for the Spring fest. Now, let’s delve into the best places to visit in Kolkata to make your Holi Basanta Utsav Dol celebrations even more captivating!

Dates Of Holi Festival 2024: Holi Festival 2024 Will Begin In The Evening Of Sunday, March 24, 2024 And Ends In The Evening Of Monday, March 25, 2024.

Holi / Dol /  Basanta Utsav special Tours From Kolkata Best Destinations stay & party 2024


Date – 23rd – 25th of March 2024 No. Of Days – 2 Nights 3 Days

For Digha starting from – 6,500/- Per head

For Sundarban starting from – 5,500/- Per head .
Pick up & Drop Science city

For Jhargram starting from – 6500/- per head
Pick up & Drop Jhargram Station

For Purulia starting from – 5,500/- Per head

Holi / Dol /  Basanta Utsav special Tours From Kolkata Best Destinations stay & party 2024

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Shantiniketan Tour Package 2024 Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Rabindranath Tagore Established Visva-Bharati University In The Tranquil Town Of Santiniketan, Nestled In West Bengal’s Birbhum District. In A Departure From Traditional Holi Celebrations, Tagore Envisioned A Unique Way To Observe The Festival, Giving Rise To ‘Dol Jatra’ Or ‘Dol Utsav,’ Now Renowned As The “Rabindrik Basanta Utsav.” Today, The Basanta Utsav In Santiniketan Has Transcended Its Origins As A Visva-Bharati University Or Local Event, Evolving Into A Grand And Widely Celebrated Fiesta. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Jhargram Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

If You Are Planning For A Short Trip On This HOLI / BASANTA UTSAV Then We Have A Best Best Plan For And You Families. A Road Trip To Jhargram From Kolkata To Kolkata For 2 Nights And 3 Days, Keeping In Mind All Safety And Sanitation. Travel To Jhargram To Celebrate Holi With Your Friends & Family.

To Commemorate The Arrival Of The New Season, There’s No Better Way To Do So Than On A Journey To Jhargram Basanta Utsav With Your Cherished Companions. You Can Easily Secure A Top-Notch Hotel Room In Jhargram, Which Not Only Offers Reasonable Rates But Also Provides An Ideal Setting For Quality Time Away From The Comforts Of Home. Tribal Dance, Ranpa, Raibenshe, Jhumur, Tusu And Handicraft Product Stall Are The Main Attraction Of This Event. Guests And Invitees Enjoyed With Their Family.

Let’s Celebrate Holi In Jhargram! CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Nayachar Eco Resort, Katwa, Burdwan Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Poush Mela Is From 7th Poush To 10th Poush (According To Bengali Calendar) And Basanta Utsav Is Held On The Day Of Holi. … Krishna Sayar Park Burdwan (Burdwan) & Our Nayachar Eco Resort, Bufwan, Katwa. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Murshidabad Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

During Your Stay, In A Rich Tapestry Of Cultural Experiences At Bari Kothi. Engage In Captivating Storytelling Sessions, Explore The Charming Lanes Surrounding The Area, And Venture To Murshidabad To Marvel At The Exquisite Terracotta Temples. Delight In A Visit To Renowned Silk Weavers, Masters Of The Coveted Murshidabad Silk, With A Picturesque Boat Tour Complemented By A Delectable Onboard Lunch. Commence Or Conclude Your Day With A Serene Yoga Session On The Riverbanks.

Partake In The Vibrant Celebration Of Holi, The Traditional Bengali Way. Engage In Playful Festivities With Colored Powder And Rose Water, Dance To Rhythmic Drum Beats, Savor The Flavors Of Thandai And Mithai (Indian Sweets), And Later, Enjoy A Musical Evening Followed By An Exquisite Five-Course Meal. Join Us For A Truly Immersive And Unforgettable Experience. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Tajpur Mandarmani Digha Bakkhali Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Holi, A Joyous Spring Celebration Of Love, Frolic, And Vibrant Colors, Often Stirs Up Nostalgic Sentiments, Prompting Reflections On The Golden Days Of Childhood Or Youth. Recollections Of Friends, Relatives, Or Colleagues With Whom We Once Shared The Revelry Of Colors May Evoke A Sense Of Detachment As Time Swiftly Passes, Reminding Us That Lost Moments Are Never Truly Reclaimed. Holi Holds A Repository Of Sweet And Sour Memories For Each Of Us. Personally, A Couple Of Impulsive Yet Memorable Holi Celebrations From My Early Teenage Years Come To Mind. In A Spirited Attempt To Stand Up Against A Local Boys’ Gang Known For Teasing Us, My Friends And I Concocted A Creative Retaliation. We Playfully Adorned Those Lads With A Concoction Of Rotten Eggs, Tomatoes, Tar, Leaves Of Stinging Nettle, And An Array Of Colors, Making A Swift Escape Like Fired Bullets. This Impromptu Act Was Our Way Of Symbolizing The Triumph Of Good Over Evil, Aligning With The Essence Of The Festival.KAJAL DIGHI WONDERLAND (Toy Train), Chandaneswar Temple, Talseri Beach, Udaipur Beach,

As The Years Have Rolled By, Bringing Forth Various Chapters Of Life, The Enchanting Memories Of That Evergreen Childhood Holi Continue To Flash Vividly In My Mind. So, Embrace The Spirit Of This Holiday And Create New Memories By Indulging In The Best Holiday Hotels In Digha / Mandarmani / Digha / Bakhali / Dublagiri / Odisha . CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Sundarbans Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

The Enchanting Sundarbans National Park, Situated In The Heart Of Nature’s Beauty, Provides A Unique And Vibrant Backdrop For The Celebration Of Holi, Also Known As Dol In Some Regions. This Ancient Hindu Festival, Cherished As The “Festival Of Love,” The “Festival Of Colours,” And The “Festival Of Spring,” Takes On A Special Charm Amid The Lush Surroundings Of The Sundarbans.The Festival, Extending For A Night And A Day, Commences On The Evening Of The Purnima, The Full Moon Day, Falling In The Hindu Calendar Month Of Phalguna. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Purulia / Ayodha Pahar Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Explore The Charm Of Purulia With Our Exclusive Baranti Gar Panchkot Ajodhya Hill Package Tour, Now Available With Fantastic Discounts. Contact Us To Book The Best-Quality 2-Night, 3-Day Purulia Tourism Package. Immerse Yourself In The Vibrant Folk Holi Celebration In Purulia, West Bengal, During The Three-Day Basanta Utsav Folk Festival. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

Holi Dol Basanta Utsav Tour Kolkata To Bankura / Bishnupur / Mukutmanipur Tour Package 2024 – Holi Parties & Events in Kolkata

Dol Utsav Which Is Known As Basanta Utsav In Bishnupur Is Celebrated In A Different Way Making It A Unique Cultural Festival Which Makes It A Special. CALL – +91 9088694714 / +91 9830694714

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