Holi Special Sundarban Tour Package 2025 From Kolkata


journey to the Sundarban is a must for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable experience etched in your memory. As the world’s largest mangrove forest, Sundarban’s intricate network of rivers and shifting tides provides a habitat for the majestic Bengal Tigers, attracting adventurers with its diverse wildlife and untamed landscapes.

The primary allure of the Sundarban is undoubtedly the presence of the mighty Royal Bengal Tigers. However, the appeal extends beyond these iconic creatures, encompassing a rich variety of bird species ruling the skies and other magnificent inhabitants of the forest. The affordability of Sundarban tour packages further enhances the appeal of this off-beat adventure. Even if you aren’t a fervent nature lover, the Sundarban tour offers quality time on rivers, accompanied by breathtaking views. Spend your evenings in luxurious bungalows and hotels, ensuring a delightful experience for all, whether you’re drawn by personal interest or accompanying friends and family.

Choosing the best time for your tour is crucial for an optimal experience. While Sundarban welcomes visitors throughout the year, specific months, like July to September during the Hilsa festival, offer unique opportunities. This period caters to fish lovers, providing menus and schedules in advance, enhancing your overall journey. For a revitalizing experience that soothes your body and rejuvenates your mind, the Sundarban tour from Kolkata promises an enchanting adventure. Traverse the blood-tingling woods, follow the stimulating Ganga trail surrounded by sensational mangroves, and immerse yourself in the gripping legends of each spot. The exquisite views add another layer to this mesmerizing journey, urging you to start your Sundarban launch booking without hesitation. Whether you opt for the 1-night-2-days package or the extended 3-days-2-nights package, we can tailor your adventure to meet your preferences.

To ensure the best Sundarban trip, consider booking your tickets in winter. The calm and content air during this season provides ideal travel weather, free from the threat of storms or extreme conditions like heavy rainfall. The foggy winters add a thrilling dimension to your journey, making it an opportune time to witness the beauty of Sundarban in all its glory. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we eagerly await your inquiries. Reach out for any tour assistance, including information, booking, payment, and more. Your Sundarban adventure awaits!

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Holi Special Sundarban Tour Package

Sundarban: – Day 01 

Sundarban Wild Camp welcomes you to the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, biggest Mangrove forest and a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO in the year 1985 and was made a biosphere Reserve in 1989.The journey will start in the morning at 8:00 AM (Reporting time: 7:30 AM) from Science City.  Refreshments will be served on the way with a brief stopover for tea. On arrival at Godkhali Jetty and transferred to the boat. Proceed to our resort through rivers Gomor, Durgadhwani to enter River Pitchkhali, on the bank of which lies Sundarban wild camp overlooking the Sundarban Tiger Reserve.Hot Lunch will be served at our resort. After Lunch proceed to Bird’s Island and  Sunset Point and return to the Resort.

Evening Tea and snacks will be served followed by Adivasi Jhumur dance performed by the tribal people of Sundarbans.

Dinner will be served at 9.00 PM. 

 Sundarban: – Day 02 

After breakfast  report at Jetty ghat at 8:30 AM  in the morning for a thrilling cruise towards Sajnekhali Watchtower and Mangrove Interpretation Centre , then proceed to deep Jungle Safari through  creeks and dense forest and numerous rivers. like  Sudhanyakhali , Bonbibi bharani, Sunderkhali , Pirkhali , Dobanki and Panchmukhani  where you may see deer ,water monitor lizards, monkeys,  wild boars , crocodiles and the Royal Bengal Tiger.  Lunch will be served at the Boat/ Resort . 

Evening walk through the native village of Jamespur. You will encounter many wonderful sights as you learn about the lifestyle, local crafts, cuisines, and way of life of the local villagers. 

In the evening join us for Tea with snacks  and  watch a cultural program of Baul Folk songs and dinner at 9:00 PM.

Sundarban:- Day 03

Wake up call at 7:00am.  Breakfast at 8:30am, After Breakfast checkout at hotel and proceed to Gosaba ,visit Hamilton Bungalow and Rabindranath  Tagore Bunglow .

 After Early Lunch (Packed Lunch)  transfer back to Kolkata.

Holi Special Sundarban Tour Package

Food Menu 

DAY – 1

Breakfast: Packed Breakfast with Packed mineral water.                

Lunch:  Rice, Daal , Salad,  Potato Fry, Veg Curry, Two types of Non Veg Service, Chatni and Papad.       

Evening Snacks: Veg  Evening Snacks and Tea / Coffee.

Dinner: Chapati / Rice, Salad, Daal, Veg Curry,  and Sweet.

DAY – 2

Breakfast:  Puri Sabji , Sandwich, Fruits  and Tea / Coffee.

Lunch: Rice, Salad, Daal, Potato Fry, Mixed Veg Curry, Two types of  Veg Pre-Plated service,  Chatni and Papad.

Evening Snacks:  Veg Evening Snacks  and Tea / Coffee.

Dinner: Chapati/ Veg. Fried Rice, Green Salad,Veg Manchurian, Chilli Paneer, and Sweet.

DAY – 3       

Breakfast:  Kachuri Sabji , Sandwitch, Fruits and Tea / Coffee.

Lunch: – Green Salad, Rice, Staff Patato ,Chatni and Papad.

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Holi package – Review of Sunderban wild CAMP 2025

Holi, the Festival of Love and Colours, marks the arrival of spring and celebrates the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. It’s a time to mend broken relationships, play with colours, and enjoy festive delicacies. The celebration begins with a bonfire on the eve of Holi, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. The next day, people drench each other in vibrant hues, sing, dance, and share joy with family and friends. Holi is cherished across India for its message of unity and positivity. As for the trip to the Sundarbans, it offers a unique adventure amidst nature’s wonders, with options ranging from single-day tours to four-day excursions. Experience the beauty of Sajnekhali, Panchamukhani, Sonakhali, and Gosaba Hamilton Bungalow. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to answer the call of the forests! Register now and embark on an unforgettable

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