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We specialize in crafting Educational Tours tailored for school and college students, with a focus on Educational sites in West Bengal abundant in Botanical and Zoological resources, coupled with rich cultural and historical backgrounds. Our unique approach integrates local culture, village lifestyles, culinary experiences, flora and fauna exploration, as well as traditional dances. Educational trips hold a significant place in the formative years, offering a refreshing break from routine for both students and teachers. Beyond their educational purpose, these trips foster enjoyable bonding experiences. Our Educational Tour Packages cover diverse destinations across the country, offering quality experiences at reasonable prices. Tailoring packages according to student ages and interests in various subjects is our forte. We believe that firsthand experiences enhance the effectiveness of knowledge gained in classrooms. By witnessing what they study in textbooks, students deepen their understanding.

We are the preferred partners for Teachers and schools because as we support them at every step of the way as they plan their educational tour.We also assist them in planning the Education Tour in Kolkata and share the nitty-gritty from our vast experience in educational tours. As a leading educational tour operator with extensive experience, we have successfully organized tours for renowned schools, colleges, and universities. Our proficient tour managers possess in-depth knowledge of selected tour areas, ensuring strict adherence to safety measures for the well-being of all participants. Educational tours add excitement to school days, providing a more engaging way to comprehend subjects. Our reputation as a trusted educational tour agent in Kolkata stems from the satisfaction of numerous schools that have availed our services. In the realm of college and university life, characterized by newfound freedom and responsibilities, we facilitate practical experiences through educational tours. Recognized as a reliable college tour operator in Kolkata, we have orchestrated successful tours for numerous institutions.

Recognizing the Ministry Of Tourism, Govt Of India, we have embraced the popularity of adventure tours. Our position as a top package tour operator in Kolkata is reflected in our experience organizing various adventure tours, ensuring safety measures are paramount in all our ventures.

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Education imparts knowledge to students, and its effectiveness is heightened through educational tours. Witnessing firsthand the subjects they’ve studied enhances their understanding beyond what textbooks offer. As a leading educational tour operator, we specialize in organizing enriching tours for esteemed schools, colleges, and universities. Our experienced tour managers possess extensive knowledge of the selected tour destinations, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. Stringent safety measures are paramount in our operations to prevent any injuries or hazards during the tours. Ryask Tourism Stands As A Prominent Inbound Tour Operator And Destination Management Company In Eastern India, Renowned For Ryask Tourism Pioneering Approach To Tourism And Exceptional Service Infrastructure In The Region. The Corporate Headquarters Is Situated In Kolkata, With Additional Branches In Guwahati & Mumbai, Strategically Positioned To Uphold The Highest Service Standards Throughout The Region.Educational Tour Operating Services in Kolkata, best School, college & Student tour Operators in india.

The School in Mahanad organized an educational tour to Kolkata for students (Class V to X) . The trip aimed to introduce children to the Indian Museum and the Birla Planetarium. With 51 students and 6 teachers, the journey began at 7 am from the school premises. The Indian Museum showcased various galleries, including Art, Archaeology, Textile, Anthropology, Geology, Numismatic, Paleontological, and Mask Gallery. The highlight was a four-thousand-year-old mummy in the Egyptian gallery and a gigantic Stegodon Ganesha head. The next stop was the M.P. Birla Planetarium, India’s first and largest. The students were enthralled by shows on Zodiac Signs & Stars, Journey to Antarctica, and New view of the solar system. The planetarium provided a unique depiction of the cosmos and a vivid experience of celestial objects. The trip concluded at 6:30 pm, leaving the students with an incomparable and enjoyable learning experience.

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We provide unique facilities tailored for student groups, designed to enhance their educational experiences while exploring tourist destinations. Our offerings aim to deepen their understanding of diverse cultures, histories, and customs across various locales.

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