Sundarban Bird Watching Tours

Sundarban Bird Watching Tours

Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours From Kolkata

Explore the rich avian diversity of the Sundarbans on our Bird Watching Tours from Kolkata. Encounter species like Oriental Pied Hornbill, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Collared Kingfisher, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, and more. Join us for an unforgettable birding expedition in this unique mangrove ecosystem. Book your Sundarbans Bird Watching tour now!

Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours From Kolkata

The Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours is at its prime during the winter months, spanning from November to February, when a multitude of migratory birds graces the region with their presence. There are several renowned birdwatching locations within the Sundarbans, such as the Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, Dobanki Watchtower, and Sudhanyakhali Watchtower. To ensure a memorable and safe birdwatching experience, it is recommended to arrange your tour through Tourist Hub India, a reliable tour operator capable of providing well-informed guides. Visitors are also encouraged to bring their binoculars, cameras, and bird identification guides to enhance their enjoyment of birdwatching in the Sundarbans.


It’s clear that the Sundarbans, located in the delta region of the Bay of Bengal, is a fascinating and diverse ecosystem known for its Royal Bengal Tigers. The opportunity to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is undoubtedly a highlight of any Sundarbans tour. The area’s unique environment of mangrove forests and waterways provides a perfect setting for wildlife enthusiasts, especially those interested in birding and observing reptiles.

The Sundarbans is not only a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique ecosystem and ecological significance. It’s crucial to follow tour itineraries provided by reputable tour operators like Ryask Tourism to ensure a safe and informative experience while respecting the fragile environment.

Exploring the Sundarbans through a bird watching tour is an incredible way to appreciate the region’s natural beauty and its diverse inhabitants. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger or the tranquility of observing rare bird species, a journey through the Sundarbans promises a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of nature.

Day 1 – Kolkata to Sundarbans

Tour on an exciting Sundarban Bird Watching Trip starting from Kolkata to Godhkhali. The three-hour drive covers 83 kilometers along the Basanti Highway, providing a scenic escape from daily life. At Godkhali Jetty Ghat, board a boat for a 1.5-hour journey to Gosaba Island, passing mangroves and wildlife.

Arriving at Pakhiralay Island, check into your room, freshen up, and savor a hot buffet lunch. Explore the resort and surroundings before witnessing the mesmerizing sunset over the rivers. Enjoy evening tea with snacks and local folk performances. Cap off the day with dinner by 9 pm.

The Sundarbans, a delta in the Bay of Bengal, host the Sundarban Bird Festival. Spot unique species like the Oriental Darter, Brown Fish Owl, White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Lesser Adjutant, Pied Kingfisher, Black-Capped Kingfisher, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, and Osprey. A Sundarban birdwatching trip promises a rewarding experience for enthusiasts.

Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours From Kolkata

Day 2 – Sundarbans National Park

Explore the Sundarbans on a captivating Jungle Safari, featuring a boat journey through mesmerizing mangrove forests. Visit key destinations like Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Dobanki Watchtower, and Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. Immerse yourself in indigenous culture, tour fishing villages, and witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Encounter diverse avian species in India’s ecosystem:

  1. Spot-billed Pelican: A striking waterbird with a distinctive pink and yellow bill, often found near rivers and lakes, preying on fish.
  2. Great White Egrets: Elegant, large herons thriving in wetlands, primarily feeding on fish, frogs, and small creatures.
  3. Indian Cormorant: Indigenous black waterbird with a hooked bill, commonly found near rivers and lakes, feeding on fish.
  4. Seagulls: India hosts various gull species near coasts, including black-headed gull, brown-headed gull, and lesser black-backed gull, sustaining on fish and insects.
  5. Common Kingfisher: Vibrant, petite bird residing near water bodies, known for its unique fishing method of plunging headfirst.
  6. Peregrine Falcon: Sizable bird of prey in India, renowned for speed and agility, with a wingspan of up to one meter.
  7. Northern Pintail: Recognizable duck species near wetlands, with an elongated, pointed tail, consuming plants and small animals.
  8. Whistling Duck: Native duck species known for distinctive whistling vocalizations, spotted near wetlands, feeding on plants and small prey.
Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours From Kolkata

Day 3 – Sundarban to Kolkata

Experience the rich culture of the Sundarbans on the final day of your package. Immerse yourself in village life, witnessing paddy cultivation and engaging with friendly locals. Explore local shops for unique souvenirs.

Highlight your day with a taste of jungle honey, a regional delicacy, while listening to enchanting folk songs and tiger encounter stories. Return to the resort, pack up, and enjoy a delicious lunch on the boat back to Kolkata. Your Sundarban adventure concludes with cherished memories and a lifetime experience. Book your Kolkata to Sundarban tour now!


  •  →  Accommodation in individual rooms/cottages as per the booking
  •  →  All Meals – Breakfast (3 times), Lunch (4 times), Dinner (3 times)
  •  →  Evening Tea and Snacks (Veg and Non Veg)
  •  →  Evening Cultural Program
  •  →  Boat For Jungle Safari
  •  →  All Entry Fees
  •  →  Pickup and Drop from Kolkata
  •  →  Experience Sunderban Tour Guide


  •  →  Things are not mentioned under Inclusions above
  •  →  Audio System, Projector
  •  →  All Porter Charges, Camera Charges
  •  →  Any extra service consumed by the guest. (payable directly)
Sundarbans Bird Watching Tours From Kolkata


  •  →  Photo ID proof with two photo copy is mendatory for the Tour.
  •  →  Passport is mandatory for Foreign travelers with valid Indian Visa
  •  →  Bring woolen clothes specialy for the trip in winter
  •  →  Carry mobile charger, power bank, extra battery
  •  →  Keep adequate amount cash for your own expenses if required
  •  →  No ATM facility available in Sundarban. You can get it in Canning Town
  •  →  Basic medicines for fever, cough, cold, stomach upset for your own safety
  •  →  Carry snacks,dry fruits,drinking water which some times required during the trip
  •  →  Don’t throw plastics or Garbage in the river during the trip
  •  →  Sound system or loud speakers are not allowed in jungle safari
  •  →  Pets are not allow in the trip
  •  →  Wild animals feeding is strictly prohibited in Sundarban
  •  →  Wideography through drone is not allowed in your Trip
  •  →  Without valid permit you are not allow to enter the Jungle
  •  →  Liquor or Alcohol is strictly prohibited during Boat Safari

Sundarbans Hotel

Sunderban Wild Camp boasts 08 individually designed rooms, each providing mesmerizing vistas of the lagoon and the charming resort surroundings. Our expansive accommodations have been thoughtfully crafted with an emphasis on comfort, artistic expression, and a strong connection to the local culture and heritage. Local artists have adorned the interiors with their paintings, and the furniture has been meticulously crafted by local artisans using indigenous materials whenever feasible. We are dedicated to maintaining a minimal impact on the pristine natural environment. Our lodging options are perfectly suited for couples, families, or intimate gatherings of friends exploring the wonders of the Sundarbans National Park.

Sundarbans Hotel

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Precautions for COVID 19

Safety & security is our main motto. Sundarban tour, safe tour.

Still worry about COVID hygienic issue?

  • Regular Thermal Screening test for Guest, Boat Crew, Manager before the tour.
  • Daily Boat Sanitization.
  • To ensure Social distancing, tourist capacity shall be reduced by 50% in Boat.
  • Fully Sanitized Car for pickup & drop service (Chargeable).