Saranda Wildlife Package Tour

Saranda Forest Tour Packages From Kolkata

Explore the wonders of Saranda’s dense forest with the Saranda Wildlife Package Tour, an ideal weekend escape for nature enthusiasts. Nestled in the hilly expanse of West Singhbhum district in Jharkhand, this captivating region is a haven for diverse wildlife, including elephants, sambar, chital, bison, tigers, and leopards. The landscape is adorned with a variety of tree species such as sal, mahua, kusum, tilai, harin hara, gular, and asan. the heart of the Saranda forest with a visit to Thalkobad village, offering picturesque views of the surrounding hills. A thrilling jeep safari through the dense foliage provides an opportunity to witness these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

The Saranda Wildlife Package Tour promises a delightful blend of relaxation and education, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of Saranda forest and gain insights into its diverse wildlife. Boasting the title of Asia’s largest Sal forest, Saranda spans around 800 square kilometers in West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand, earning its moniker as ‘the land of seven hundred hills.’ Marvel at the enchanting sunrise and sunset over the hills of Kiriburu, a spectacle that has captivated nature lovers for generations. Notably, Saranda is a crucial habitat for endangered flying lizard species and serves as a vital migratory elephant corridor. The region’s prominent tree varieties, including Sal, Mahua, and Kusum, contribute to the unique ecosystem, making Saranda a must-visit destination for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and wildlife exploration.

Kiriburu- Meghataburu- 3 Nights 4 Days Saranda forest tour Itinerary

Day-1 Pick-up from Barbil Rail Station and transfer to resort. After Lunch visit Kiriburu Lake Garden, Kiriburu Sunset point. Take Evening Snacks & Dinner at hotel.

Day-2 After breakfast start for sightseeing tour to Pacheri Waterfalls, Jhikra Waterfalls, Fulbari Forest, Pundool Waterfalls, Karo River, Swapneswar Temple OR Handivanga waterfalls, Pacheri Waterfalls, Jhikra Waterfalls. Lunch (Packed) at pundool or others site.

Day-3 After taking early breakfast visit Kiriburu Forest Office to take Permission for Saranda Safari, then Jungle Safari at Saranda Forest. Lunch (Packed) at Thalkabad. Afternoon visit Tribal village of Thalkabad, Nagarta waterfalls Iron mines.

Day-4 Free leisure time at hotel. Breakfast 8am and Lunch at 12 pm. Drop to Barbil Rail Station as per scheduled departure.

Saranda Forest Tour Packages From Kolkata

Here are some of the highlights of the Saranda Wildlife Package Tour:

  • Visit to the Thalkobad village
  • Jeep safari through the forest
  • Sightseeing of different tree species
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Relaxation in the lap of nature

To access Saranda forest for a tour package by road, the primary entry point is Chaibasa, situated 60 kilometers southwest of Jamshedpur. Alternatively, you can reach Saranda through the towns of Chakradharpur (89 kilometers from Jamshedpur) and Manoharpur (170 kilometers from Jamshedpur), both located on the main Bombay-Howrah rail line.

For those traveling from Kolkata or Howrah (HWH), the recommended route is to take a train to Manoharpur (MOU) or Barbil (BBN), the nearest railway stations where accommodation can be found. Manoharpur (MOU) and Barbil (BBN) are well-connected with Kolkata (Howrah) and other major nearby areas such as Jamshedpur (TATA) and Ghatsila (GTS). Daily train services like the 12871 Ispat Express and 12021 Jan-Shatabdi Express pass through significant towns like Tata Nagar and Chaibasa.

The optimal time to visit Saranda forest is from October to March. During July, August, and September, the region experiences the monsoon season, characterized by lush greenery. Visitors can appreciate the vibrant landscapes and enjoy the refreshing monsoon showers during this period.