Mousuni Island Camps & Bakkhali Hotel

Mousuni Island Camps & Bakkhali Hotel

Explore the enchanting Mousuni Island, situated just 140 kilometers from Kolkata, near the Bay of Bengal coast. This Gangetic Delta gem is a haven for bird watchers and an ideal isolated weekend getaway for those seeking a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nestled at the confluence of river and sea, Mousuni is an integral part of the Gangetic Sundarbans delta. The island boasts lush greenery, dotted with quaint local huts and expansive agricultural landscapes. Immerse yourself in the symphony of birds and the rhythmic waves that create a mesmerizing ambiance. As the sun sets, Mousuni is cloaked in darkness, with only the sounds of small insects breaking the absolute silence. At dawn, the island comes alive with the melodic twitter and chirping of numerous birds, turning Mousuni into a birdwatcher’s paradise. The island offers a range of experiences, including the vastness of the sea, sandy beaches, bird watching, sky gazing, and adventurous camp stays. Close by, the charming “Baliara” lies just 3 kilometers to the north, offering tent accommodations for tourists. The journey to “Baliara” or “SALT” at Mousuni takes you through picturesque landscapes of potato, chili, and tomato fields cultivated on the island. The route to “Baliara” winds through dense Pine and Juniper trees, creating a scenic journey. “Baliara” itself is a long, serene beach on the island, and the sunset here, coupled with the tranquil beach atmosphere, creates a unique ambiance. For bird enthusiasts, a visit to “Kakramarir Char” is a must—a small piece of land where a variety of birds gather every morning. The silence of the land is interrupted by the delightful chirping of birds such as the White-Billed Sea Eagle, Barn Swallow, Common Myna, Common Kingfisher, Long-Billed Stork, Cormorant, and many more. Mousuni Island invites you to experience the harmony of nature, from sandy shores to vibrant birdlife, making it an idyllic retreat for a one or two-day getaway from Kolkata.

To reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata, you have two main options: public transport or private transportation.

Option 1: Public Transport

  • From Kolkata, take a bus or train from Esplanade bus terminus or Sealdah station, respectively, with a journey of approximately 5 hours.
  • Reach Namkhana, and from there, use a toto or cycle van to reach Hatania Datania river.
  • Cross the river by boat to reach the other side.
  • Public transport is available from here, taking around 45 minutes to reach Durgapur ghat.
  • Cross Chinai River by a small boat to reach Bagdanga Ghat on the island.
  • Toto or Van will pick you up from Bagdanga Ghat and take you to your destination.

Option 2: Private Transportation

  • Hire a car or drive your own car/bike from Kolkata to Namkhana.
  • Cross the Hatania-Datania River using the newly constructed bridge.
  • Reach Durgapur Kheya Ghat, where safe parking garages are available at nominal rates (Rs 100/- per night).
  • Cross the river and, upon reaching the island, use local transport to reach your camp.
  • Additional costs include Rs 5/- for river crossing and Rs 15/- for a toto ride to the camp.

Travel Advisory for Mousumi Island:

Given the island’s status as a biodiversity hotspot, we kindly urge all visitors to refrain from bringing unnecessary plastic bags, empty bottles, disposable non-biodegradable items such as foam plates and glasses, or any hazardous materials to the beach, sea, or anywhere on the island. Such actions could have a significant impact on the local ecosystem. Additionally, be aware that the island’s shops offer only basic necessities, so if you desire items like luxury brands or alcoholic beverages, it is advisable to bring them along.

Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of respecting local customs and values. Any unruly behavior or indecent dress may unintentionally offend local sentiments. Your cooperation in preserving the natural beauty and cultural integrity of Mousumi Island is greatly appreciated.

Best time for visist moushuni island

Mousuni Island is accessible year-round, but it is advisable to steer clear of the rainy season and the peak of summer due to discomfort caused by heat and humidity. The summer months may bring Nor’westers or Kalbaishakhi, intense thunderstorms that can be challenging. The optimal time to explore the island is from October to April, when the weather is more pleasant. During this period, you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, observe migratory birds, and encounter a diverse array of native bird species inhabiting the island.

Bakkhali Sea Beach Island

Bakkhali Beach graces a deltaic island nestled among the scattered gems of southern Bengal. Jutting into the Bay of Bengal, this crescent-shaped haven on the south side unfolds stunning panoramas of both sunrise and sunset, making it a tranquil escape. Unlike its more bustling counterparts, Bakkhali Beach maintains a serene ambiance. What adds to its allure is the lush mangrove forest that serves as a picturesque backdrop. A vibrant market at the beach offers an array of treasures crafted from shells, including necklaces and bags. A culinary delight awaits seafood enthusiasts, as Bakkhali Sea Beach promises a delectable experience.

For those planning a visit, Bakkhali Beach welcomes travelers throughout the year. However, the winter season, spanning from October to February, is the prime time to revel in the cool, calm, and pleasant weather. When it comes to reaching Bakkhali, the most convenient mode of transportation is by rail. Namkhana, situated approximately 26 km away, serves as the nearest railhead, well-connected to various regions. From Namkhana, taxis are readily available. Alternatively, air travelers can reach Bakkhali via Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, located 142 km away. This airport boasts excellent connections to major domestic and international destinations.

Accomodation & Fooding In Moushuni Island & BAKKHALI

Moushuni Island

Accommodation on Mousuni Island is a unique experience, as the island is a relatively new tourist destination situated in a delicate ecological zone without traditional hotels or resorts. Our lodging options primarily consist of tents and sea-view family cottages, offering an immersive connection with the pristine surroundings. The tents, equipped with fans and one mobile charging point each, come in two varieties: Dome Tents for two persons and Family Tents accommodating 4 to 5 individuals, depending on size. All tents provide breathtaking views of the untouched beaches and spacious front areas, allowing guests to organize group activities at their convenience. For those seeking a more comfortable stay, our Sea View Family Cottages come with attached toilets and can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Our accommodation charges are inclusive, covering all meals from arrival to departure. The tariff plan encompasses welcome drinks, food, lodging, common western toilets with 24-hour water supply, a fan in every tent, one charging point, and access to mineral water. Additionally, various activities, such as campfires, are included. For an extra charge of ₹200, guests can avail themselves of next-day lunch after checking out. This additional fee is to be paid directly to the caretaker on-site. Furthermore, specific activities like barbecue (Chicken Barbecue), snacks, etc., are available at extra charges, provided prior information is given. Embrace the tranquility of Mousuni Island while enjoying a comfortable and inclusive stay.


One of the best stands as one of the pioneer private hotels in the charming locale of Frazergunj, Bakkhali, situated in the 24 Parganas (South) district of West Bengal. Nestled on approximately 9 bighas of land, the hotel boasts a prime location, conveniently positioned just a 5-6 minute walk from the picturesque Frazergunj Sea Beach and a mere 1 kilometer from Bakkhali Market. Featuring a total of 53 rooms, including 25 air-conditioned rooms and 28 non-air-conditioned rooms, as well as 4 duplex non-air-conditioned cottages, Hotel Deepak caters to diverse accommodation preferences. The establishment is equipped with its own air-conditioned conference hall capable of hosting events for 100-125 attendees.

Catering to the needs of numerous travelers exploring the beautiful beaches of Bakkhali, Hotel has earned its reputation as one of the premier places to stay in the region. Expanding over a spacious area, the hotel encompasses play areas for children, private duplex cottages ideal for families, and a refreshing swimming pool.Situated at the southernmost tip of West Bengal, Bakkhali boasts a captivating location, nestled into the Bay of Bengal, creating an enchanting backdrop for an idyllic vacation. Hotel Deepak, with its well-appointed facilities, enhances the vacation experience, providing faultless service tailored to the individual needs of each guest. In this pristine setting, Hotel Deepak ensures that every stay becomes a memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors.


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