Gaur and Pandua Trail

Gour & Pandua Malda exploration

Malda, once known as Maldagn during the reign of Sasanka, served as the capital of ancient Bengal for several centuries. It flourished as a center of learning, art, and culture under the Sena dynasty in the 12th century AD. However, during the early 13th century AD, Gour, the prominent city of the region, faced invasions and plundering by Bhakhtiyar Khilji and later by Sher Shah after the conquest of Bengal.Gour Malda heritage sites

Many of the existing monuments in Gour today date back to the Muslim period, often constructed using materials repurposed from Hindu temples. The city was once heavily fortified with a high earthen rampart, adorned with buildings along its walls. Notable structures include the Baroduari or Great Golden Mosque, commissioned by Sultan Nasrat Shah in 1526 AD. This massive brick rectangular mosque stands as a testament to the architectural prowess of the time. The Dakhil Darwajah, the main gateway to the city, likely built in the early 15th century, features impressive five-storied towers at its corners. The Chika Mosque, though in ruins, displays intricate Hindu idols on its stonework. The Firuz Minar, standing at 26 meters tall, remains an impressive landmark.

In Pandua, located 32 kilometers from Gour and 20 kilometers from Malda, the Eklakhi Mausoleum stands out as a graceful monument built between 1412-1415 AD, featuring Hindu carvings on its front door lintel. The Adina Mosque, constructed by Sikandar Shah between 1364-1374 AD, despite being partly in ruins, showcases remarkable Muslim architecture of its era, notable for its unique design without an entrance gateway.

The Malda Museum houses a collection of stone sculptures, coins, and inscriptions recovered from the ruins of Gour and Pandua, offering insights into the region’s rich historical heritage. Pandua also features the Bari Dargah and Qutb Shahi Mosque, built in 1582 AD, among other historical sites. Recent archaeological discoveries at Jagjivanpur, 41 kilometers from Malda, have unearthed a Buddhist monastery, adding further layers to the area’s historical significance. Malda district is also known for its cottage industries, particularly sericulture, and is renowned for its mango orchards. The Gambhir festival, celebrated in mid-April each year, is a prominent cultural event in the district.

Malda Gour Adina Pandua Weekend Trip from kolkata

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1- Journey from Howrah Railway Station for Malda Town or By Road Kolkata To Malda Town.
Arrival at Malda Town, Overnight stay at Malda

Day 2 – Full day Trip to Pandua and Jagjibanpur for sightseeing. Overnight stay at Malda

day 3- full day sightseeinhg Trip to Gaur and Sites in Malda Town. Overnight stay at Malda

day 4- Departure from Malda Town, Arrival at kolkata.

AC Accommodation, Food – Brekfast & Dinner, All Transport during the tour, govt Guiding charges.

excluse :

any shpping, travel insurance, camera charges, entry fess/ tickets.

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