Bari Kothi Heritage Hotel Murshidabad – Best Royal Stay In Bengal

Bari Kothi Heritage Hotel Murshidabad – Best PALACE HOTEL IN EASTERN INDIA

Constructed in the late 1700s, Bari Kothi earned its name, meaning “Palace of the Elder,” in the late 1800s as the residence of Rai Bahadur Budh Sing Dudhoria, the elder brother. Renowned throughout Murshidabad for its architectural significance, the mansion seamlessly blends Greek, Roman, and French styles. Spanning three-fourth acres of land, Bari Kothi boasts a Sheesh Mahal, Library, Music Room, Durbar Hall, Janana Chowk, Gaddi Ghar, Halwai Khana, and Gulabi Chawara among its distinguished features. The property, adorned with original antique pieces and artworks, offers 15 suites, exuding the warmth of a cherished family home. With three well-maintained gardens, seven courtyards, terraces, a library, a music room, and a lounge, guests are enveloped in luxury. Additionally, a riverside café and a delightful restaurant serve predominantly vegetarian local cuisine, crafted from farm-to-table produce sourced from nearby gardens, orchards, and spice plantations.

Bari Kothi is not only a haven of comfort but also a gateway to exploring the region’s rich heritage. Guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture, savor traditional cuisines, and admire the intricate crafts of the area. From the renowned silk-textile industry to the mesmerizing architecture of carved stone palaces, temples, and mosques, every corner narrates the captivating story of Murshidabad’s legacy.


Having lain dormant for fifty years, ‘Bari Kothi,’ situated on the banks of the River Ganges, four hours away from Kolkata, underwent a remarkable transformation over five years. Led by siblings Darshan Dudhoria and Lipika Dudhoria, it emerged as East India’s inaugural Grand Heritage Hotel. Canadian restoration expert architect Dr. Samar Chandra spearheaded the meticulous restoration of Bari Kothi, which evolved into a pioneering zero-waste initiative. Embracing the ethos of adaptive reuse, the property is wholly managed by the local community.

Originally an 18th-century relic, meticulously revitalized in 2016, Bari Kothi stands proudly as a heritage hotel overlooking the Hooghly River near Murshidabad, once the forgotten capital of Bengal. The property itself narrates a captivating tale of restoration, offering a glimpse into the region’s life and architectural influences. Beyond the premises, guests are ideally situated to immerse themselves in the rich history, heritage, and monuments of the area. The accommodation comprises 15 spacious suites, each with its own distinctive story and adorned with unique antique decor. Visitors to Bari Kothi can anticipate indulging in delicious local cuisine and enjoying sundowners along the 100 ft Ghat by the river. While the hotel lacks a pool and may not provide service on par with more conventional chain hotels, it offers a comfortable and intriguing experience. Undoubtedly, it represents the premier choice in this lesser-explored enclave of historic Bengal.

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