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Explore the enchanting wonders of the Ganges Delta, where mystical mangrove forests cloak myriad islands in an impenetrable embrace. Mesmerizing journey through winding rivers adorned with lush Sundari trees, where the ever-changing hues of water transition from muddy river to emerald blue sea. Navigate narrow creeks and expansive rivers, where both man and man-eaters alike rely on fishing for survival.

Witness crabs scaling trees, tigers effortlessly swimming great distances, and mighty crocodiles basking in the sun. This wonderland unfolds exclusively through waterways, as a cruise transports you from the northern realms to the southern, and from the east to the west, anchoring at the most exotic waters along the way. Immerse yourself in the unique beauty of this region, where every twist and turn unveils a new facet of nature’s splendor.

Sundarbans Luxury Cruise Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival in Kolkata Upon your arrival in Kolkata, kick-start your Sunderbans Luxury Cruise tour by meeting our representative, who will pick you up. Check into the hotel and spend the rest of the day either relaxing in your hotel room or exploring the vibrant city of Kolkata. Spend the night in Kolkata in anticipation of the exciting journey ahead.

Day 2 – Kolkata to Namkhana Embark on an exploration of the Ganga River on the second day of your Sunderbans Luxury Cruise. Wake up early and get ready for a day filled with adventure. Head to the Jetty and, in the afternoon, set sail along the picturesque Ganga River, heading south. Marvel at the scenic beauty of the river and other heritage sites along the way. The cruise will anchor at Namkhana, the gateway to the Sunderbans. Spend the night at Namkhana.

Day 3 – Namkhana to Sunderbans On the third day, delve into the local culture and explore islands and projects in the Sunderbans. In the morning, the cruiser will navigate eastward, allowing you to witness the daily life and rich culture of the local communities. Enjoy an excursion to the Crocodile project or Lothian Island. The cruiser will anchor at the confluence of the Malta and Bidya rivers, where you can explore exotic islands like Sajnekhali, Nethidopani, and Dobanki.

Day 4 – Sunderbans Experience the excitement of exploring the Sunderbans, villages, and scenic locations on the fourth day of your luxury cruise. Rise early, have breakfast, and embark on an excursion to Bali, followed by a visit to a Sunderbans village. Interact with the hospitable locals and explore the village. Before anchoring for the night, visit other beautiful places in the Sundarbans.

Day 5 – Departure from Sunderbans On the final day of your Sunderbans luxury cruise, wake up to breathtaking views, enjoy your breakfast, and sail through the confluence of the Rupnarayan and Damodar rivers. Pass by the ancient port of Diamond Harbour and the industrial town of Haldia. In the afternoon, you will be dropped off at the airport, concluding your unforgettable cruise adventure in the Sunderbans.

Sundarban Boat Rental | Hire A Boat in Sundarbans

Exploring the Sundarbans offers a variety of houseboat options, mainly categorized into boats and launches. Launches are sizable marine vessels, structurally distinct from boats, with powerful engines. They boast a seating capacity of over 70 individuals, while around 30-35 people can comfortably stay overnight. Additionally, Sundarban AC Houseboats provide a memorable experience in the world’s largest mangrove forests.

These houseboats further fall into three categories based on their capacity, determining their size. A simple two-cylinder boat accommodates 18 persons, a 4-cylinder boat hosts 35 passengers, and a 6-cylinder boat can carry up to 45 passengers. It’s important to note that these capacities include the boat’s crew, typically consisting of three members, including a cook and a forest guide. Smaller boats have the advantage of navigating deeper into narrow creeks.

In contrast, launches are larger marine vehicles, offering stability in rough waters and increased capacity. However, they have limitations in navigating relatively shallow waters. Considerations for choosing between boats and launches should be based on the desired experience and the specific environment you wish to explore in the Sundarbans.

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