State Archaeological Museum Tour Kolkata

Established in 1962, the archaeological museum stands as a cherished destination for both archaeologists and history enthusiasts alike. Renowned as a treasure trove, the museum boasts a diverse collection of rare artifacts, including tools dating back to the early stages of the Stone Age. Its exhibits extend to later periods, featuring Proto-historic antiquities from the Gupta, Kushana, Maurya, and Sunga eras. Beyond these, the museum showcases an array of wood carvings, terracotta scriptures, and more, providing a comprehensive exploration for curious visitors.

Nestled in Behala Bazaar, this museum serves as a captivating repository of information on the evolution of humankind. As you wander through its rooms, immersing yourself in the multitude of antiques, perusing ancient scriptures, and studying photographs, leaving the premises becomes a challenging task, given the wealth of intriguing insights it offers.

Place Of Interest In State Archaeological Museum, Kolkata

  • 7 Gallaries
  • Gallery dedicated to Archaeological findings from Palaeolithic to Modern age
  • Modelled Archaeological site of Jagjivanpur of Malda district
  • Paintings of Bengal
  • Terracotta artefacts
  • Stone & Metal images of medieval West Bengal

Archaeological Tour Guide In Kolkata

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