We have internationally experienced shooting teams providing support and services for Feature Films Shooting, Movie , TVC , Video Films , Documentary Productions , Corporate films / Promo. Live Event Coverage, Songs/ Music, Videos, Interviews, Fashion Shoot, Product Still Photography, TV Serials & commercials and event management.

We are working with BBC, National Geography, Discovery, Animal Planet, Channel 4 UK, System TV France, Australian Networks etc.

A "Movie" is a representation of a fictional story or an episode, on a film, with the illusion of movement. Whereas a “Documentary” or a “Feature film” is a medium of visual expression, that aims in documenting reality. Movies are based mostly on fiction, while a documentary, on the other hand, is based on true facts, which may at times be brutal. To quote the great English novelist, William Somerset Maugham, “There was neither good nor bad there. There were just facts. It was life.” The scope of a documentary film cannot be bound by a limit, and its purpose is in the process of continuous evolution. We, The Ryask Tourism Group, take great interest in providing support in the filming of documentaries and feature films by different production units and news channels. We provide support in the form of doing original research, location consultancy and also logistical and production support.

Documentaries and Feature Films

The Ryask Tourism Tourism group has an overall experience of seven years in handling the filming of documentaries and feature films along with different institutions both national and worldwide. Our well-established infrastructure and experienced manpower have enabled us in conducting various filming ventures in some of the far-flung corners of India and adjoining countries like Nepal and Bhutan, with great expertise. Even in the absence of the basic infrastructure in the remotest places, we have performed persistently with unequalled proficiency.



The Ryask Tourism Group is also liable to provide support by doing independent and original research work on the subject matters of the documentary concerned, on behalf of the production crews or news channels. The research work, done by our group, in turn, offers, a smooth progress in the process of filming the documentary. Our battle- hardened group has a profound experience of over seven years in conducting research work in the most isolated and at times virtually inaccessible parts of India, sometimes under hostile circumstances. Be it the dense forests of Kaziranga or the tribal areas of Arunachal or Nagaland, the Ryask Tourism Group is ever ready to serve its clients by conducting thorough research on any given topic.

Location Consultancy

India is full of natural diversity and rich in heritage and tradition. If you want to film in any location in India or its neighbouring countries like Nepal or Bhutan, we are always there for you to choose the right spot. ‘Location consultancy’ is the key to any filming venture, it is very important to select the right location, for the filming of a documentary on a given subject.


Logistical and Production Support

The Ryask Tourism group also provides Logistical and Production support to its valuable clients. When filming in a particular location, it is very important to communicate with the concerned administrative authorities and the local folks, to secure their assistance and permission, thus avoiding any kind of hindrance during the filming. The Ryask Tourism group has a team of experienced professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge in the modus operandi and the regional dialects of the local people. We will help you by liaising with the local authorities and the people and also employ them, if required, at the crew’s service during the period of filming. We also provide all kinds of production support, to ensure a smooth flow in the process of filming.

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